The Film Daily (1931)

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'mm.m m 'mm, m m. m. W/////M. %m. WMM. %/M m.%. m I of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1931-32 M'G'M has the Stars of Today. M-G-M is grooming the Stars of Tomorrow. M-G-M is the Star outfit! ^ <^J^v^ ^ ^^VAi? AMONG M-G-M FEATURED PLAYERS They Guarantee ^ta r 'Studded Casts! Dorothy Appleby Leslie Howard Nils Asther Dorothy Jordan Lionel Barrymore Joan Marsh William Bakewell Adolphe Menjou Edwina Booth John Miljan Jackie Cooper Polly Moran Reginald Denny Karen Morley Kent Douglass Conrad Nagel Jimmy Durante Ivor Novello Cliff Edwards Monroe Owsley Madge Evans Anita Page Clark Gable Irene Purcell Ralph Graves Marjorie Rambeau Charlotte Greenwood C. Aubrey Smith Neil Hamilton Ruth Selwyn Helen Hayes Gus Shy Leila Hyams Lewis Stone jean Hersholt Ernest Torrence Hedda Hopper Lester Vail Following is Revised List of M-G-M Pictures in 1931-32 (July yth)