The Film Daily (1931)

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A. 30 STAR Productions/ Every week in the year a Star for your Marquee. That has been M-G'M's policy since its inception, A policy of success! And in the coming year M'G-M again brings you the Stars that Shine in Productions that Top! (2) (2) (2) (2) (3) (3) (2) (3) (2) (2) (1) (1) (1) (4) MARION DAVIES — Strong, dramatic vehicles, nationally promoted I NORMA SHEARER— Even Strangers May Kiss Their Records Goodbye ! GRETA GARBO— The One and Only I JOAN CRAWFORD— C/ieer/ui eyefull ! Joan draws ahousefull ! JOHN GILBERT "Phantom of Paris" is handsome Jock of the good old days! ,,m ^m..m.iA%% <,.^,--,^,^^^^ — Watch Bill Haines in his new roles. A revelation! BUSTER KEATON — He is making the best comedies in the industry! ROBERT MONTGOMERY— Popu/arit:^ that's deserved! A great future ahead! RAMON NOVARRO — A devoted public makes him a consistent draw! WALLACE BEERY— "Big House'\ ''Secret Six"— And now clean up! LAWRENCE TIBBETT — His voice alone is worth the price of admission! LUNT-FONTANNE — New York's Tlieatre Guild stars pick M-G-M for their debut, LAUREL-HARDY — By popidar demand! Their first feature length comedy 'Tardon U$" COSMOPOLITAN — Big productions, nationally advertised! Special information forthcoming about MARIE DRESSLER Productions! J' 13 EXCEPTIONAL PICTURES / FLYING HIGH The nationally famed Geo. White stage hit ! With BERT LAHR, world's greatest stage comedian ! WIFE TO HUGO The sensational novel of today. By Joy Bains. It packs a thrill in every minute of it. THE AWAKENING ^^tX"^ John Van Druten writer of stage successes has written a powerful drama for M-G-M's showmen ! BOARDING SCHOOL Flaming youth learns about life and love in a de luxe society school. HelenMeinardi has written a knockotrt yarn ! ARSENE LUPIN The classic crook story of all time. You know Arsene Lupin's wonder tale. It's right up M'G-M's showman alley ! BRIDGE VS. BRIDGE Divorce told with thrills ! The Liberty Magazine story by Ed. L. McKenna will be real talkie excitement ! AFTER ALL The Van Druten play that holds London spellbound is coming to Broadway. And M'G-M grabbed it for the talkies ! GUILTY HANDS Bayard Veiller, author of "Mary Dugan," 'Taid," etc., is a success writer. He knows box-office. Here's his latest Big One ! HONOLULU A brand new showman idea by Mildred Cram. The most exotic locale in the world dramatized in a glorious thrill show ! NIGHT COURT Drama while the city sleeps! Charles Beahan — Mark Hellinger have ripped into a gold mine of humanity in a great metropolis ! RED HEADED WOMAN Satevepost serial by Katharine Brush that's even more exciting than its title. It moves like a lightning bolt. Catch on ! THE SQUAW MAN Cecil B. DeMille's grandest show. Months in production. Fifteen Big Names in All Star Cast. Thrills ! Beauty ! A money entertainment ! THREE WISE FOOLS Austin Strong's roaring comedy ! It's a pleasure. A broadway stage success that's going to be a topnotch talkie hit ! \ M-G-M short/ \ SUBJECTS / LAUREL-HARDY (8) 1^0 other comedy name draws like this pair ! Advertise 'em like features and watch the grosses grow '. CHARLEY CHASE (8) Consistently great releases have built him into a topnotch draw on any program anywhere ! OUR GANG (8) They're better than ever ! New ideas, new faces, new heart-tugs! They bring the young folks in as well as the adults. THE BOY FRIENDS (8) Never a new series to draw such exhibitor response. Audiences demand more of these merry comedies. M-G-M capitalizes on dramatic ideas of the moment ! We did it with "Caught Short", "The Big House", "The Secret Six"and others. We'll do it again when the time is right. Among "The Marquee Five" will be important vehicles that the psychology of the entertainment hour suggests. Important pictures! Depend on that! HAL ROACH'S DE LUXE COMEDIES plus the Biggest and Most Varied Short Subject Program in M-G-M History! Every name belongs in electric lights. Shorts — but sweet ! They draw like Features ! ZASU PITTS, THELMA TODD (8) What Marie Dfessler and Polly Moran are in features this pair will be in short subjects. They're great! FITZPATRICKTRAVELTALKS(13) The travel films that have won leadership by popular vote! M-G-M brings you the best! M-G-M DOGVILLE COMEDIES (6) We've got bigger and better plans for this laugh series. M-G-M's hot dogs are a draw on any marquee. SIR HARRY LAUDER (4) /marine bringing this great drawing personality to your public with his favorite songs and stories! M-G-M SPORT CHAMPIONS (12) Headliners only! Names that belong in lights! The sports world in grand action talkies ! FISHERMAN'S PARADISE (6) The first one was brought back to Broadway three times! That's a record for a short. A smart series! FLIP THE FROG (12) "Ub" Iwerks is the pioneer of all cartoon shorts and his "Flip the Frog" has more fun than anything he's ever done ! HEARSTMETROTONE NEWS(104) The super-newireel of the newspaper, the radio and screen, with which is incorporated THE GLOBE TROTTER. (And now there's just one more thing to do — Look!)