The Film Daily (1931)

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THE -cS&m DAILY Thursday, Dec. 31, 1931 Advertisers • • • • • Using the •••••• Film Daily •••••• Year Book • • • • • Find that it Gives them • • • • • Year Round • • • • • Advertising Value* • At a One Time Rate • • • And is read by • • • Every executive • • • In the industry • • • 1932 EDITION OUT IN JANUARY 14th EDITION 1200 PAGES A LITTLE from "LOTS" \Bv RALPH WILK^M HOLLYWOOD T> ECENT directorial assignments at the RKO-Radio Pictures and RKO Pathe studios include Robert Milton for "Westward Passage," starring Ann Harding, starting Jan. 15; Norman Taurog on "Hold 'Em Jail," with Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Edna May Oliver and Rosco Ates, starting the middle of February, and Ralph Murphy on "Veneer," starring Helen Twelvetrees, going in work the coming week. * * * New contracts have been awarded by Radio Pictures to Rosea Ates, Tim Whelan, Ken Murray, Joseph Cawthom and Anita Louise. Our Passing Show: Harold B. Franklin, Frank Lloyd, John Meehan, Rouben Mamoulian, W. R. Frazer, Arthur Stebbins, Harry Sherman at the opening of "Hell Divers"; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert T. Ka'muf returning from a visit at Coronado. Wallace Smith is writing an original story in which Dolores Del Rio and Ricardo Cortez will co-star under the supervision of Radio Pictures chief, David Selznick. Smith's last assignment was the screen version and dialogue for "Lost Squad "The Texas Gun Fighter," first of the two specials starring Ken Maynard recently announced by Tiffany, has gone into production after a delay caused by a seven-inch blanket of snow in the California territory. The cowboy hero has a supporting cast which includes Sheila Manners, Lloyd Ingram, Harry Woods and Bob Fleming. The story by Ben Cohn is being directed by Phil Rosen, with Mike Eason assisting. * * * A championship coffee-drinking race is in progress between George Marx, a waiter in the Brown Derby, and Frank Fay, who is producing and starring in his own picture, "A Fool's Advice." To date, George has the edge over Fay, setting up a record of 42 cups of coffee daily. Fay drinks 30 cups of coffee a day, keeping a coffee table at his side while he supervises production. * * * Emma and Coy, the two almosthuman chimpanzees who were recently starred in a series of com.edie8, are supporting Mickey (Himself) McGuire in "Mickey's Holiday," the latest in the Mickey series to be produced by Larry Darmour. J. A. Duffy is directing from, a story by i Joseph Levering. » * * Warners' "The Roar of the Crowd," starring James Cagney with Joan Blondell, has been changed to "The Crowd Roars." U. S. Interests Seek Canadian Gov't Studio (.ContiH'ued from Page 1) production activities to the special studios in the Parliament buildings here. Col. Ackerman, who is conducting negotiations for the purchase of the government plant, says the proposition is that of Canadian players, now working in Hollywood, with 18 of them planning to come here when the Hollywood companies contract to make pictures in Canada. The matter is being pushed because the British Imperial preference for pictures made within the British Empire will be one of the major subjects at the coming trade conference in Ottawa. A new studio at Oakville, 24 miles we^st of Toronto, is contemplated by the Ontario Government. Alex. Pantages Due East On New Circuit Matters Alexander Pantages arrives in New York from the coast next week. He will attend to matters in connection with the new circuit he is planning, it is understood. GERMAN FILM AT 5TH AVE. "Die Von Rummelplatz" ("Those of the Side Show"), German musical talking picture with Anny Ondra, opens tomorrow at the Fifth Ave. Playhouse, managed by Edward T. Ricci. $106,000 Tax Deficiency Protested by Paramount (.Continued from Page 1) asked on errors assigned. It is contended that the deficiency resulted i from the following claimed errors on the part of the commissioner of internal revenue: Failure to allow deduction for amortization on the value of leasehold owned by the Diddle Realty Corp. and covering the Rivoli theater. New York; reduction from $199,975.20 to i $1,495.57 in the allowance for loss sus ' tallied in 1922 by New England Theaters, : Inc.; disallowance of a loss of $30,116.43 on i the Capitol theater in 1921; reduction from $68,368 to $33,897 in loss sustained by Ten ' iiessee Enterprises in 1922; reduction from i $15,551 to $8,973 on 1925 losses of Newburgh Theaters Corp. ; disallowance of a loss of $341,897 on bonds of the Paramount Broadway Corp. when retired in 1926; reduction of the deduction for 1926 business expenses (if Paramount Broadway Corp. by $70,42U; assessment of a tax of $177.95 against the Old Mill Theater Co., which tax, it is claimed, was paid in 1925. OCHS HOUSES AID NEEDY Lee A. Ochs' circuit has turned over to police stations, the Salvation Army and other charitable organizations a quantity of canned goods reeived at special shows in its 10 houses. A can served as a ticket of admission. Tyrone Power Dies IVest Coast Bur. THE FILM DAILY Hollywood — Tyrone Power, one of the early screen names as well as a veteran of the stage, died here yesterday. He had come to Hollywood only a few days ago to appear In Paramount's talker version of "The Miracle Man."