Film Fun (1928 - 1942 (assorted issues))

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Two black sheep trying to turn white Johnny Mack Brown who is sup¬ posed to have turned straight , hands his pal in reformation, Robert Armstrongs severe jolt by showing him the famous Carson jewels, which have just been mysteriously stolen. quare Crooks CAN a bad man live down his past — or does the under¬ world inevitably “get” its own when a crook tries to turn straight? “SQUARE CROOKS” plays the spotlight on the seamy side of crookdom from an entirely new angle — and shows you a few episodes in the private life of a reformed gangster who is trying to “come back” that will make your skin creep! Thrills, mystery, humor, romance and tragedy move side by side from start to finish of this super-study of the shady side of human nature! There are enough situations in it to make a dozen good stories! And a master story teller makes every one of them count in a feat of skilled directing that will stand as a model for a long time to come ! Watch for the announcement of “SQUARE CROOKS” at your favorite playhouse. You’ll be missing one of the year’s best pictures if you fail to see it! with JOHNNY MACK BROWN— DOROTHY DWAN DOROTHY APPLEBY— ROBERT ARMSTRONG With their men hounded by the police for the theft of the Carson jewels, Dorothy Dwan and Dorothy Appleby set their wits to work to get them out of the net. I ri.M FI X June, 1928. Volume 47 Number 470. Entered as Second-Class Matter June 28, 1915, at the Post-Office in New York City, N. Y.; additional entry PostOfflce, Jamaica, X. Y., underact of March :i 1879. 82.00 a year, 20c a copy Published Monthly and copyright 1928 by Film Humor, Inc., 97 Fifth Ave., New York. I ext, illustrations, and photographs in Film Fun are copyrighted. No contributions will be returned unless accompanied by stamped and addressed envelope. Film Fun does not hold itself responsible for loss or non-return of unsolicited manuscript.