Film Fun (1928 - 1942 (assorted issues))

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“Unaccustomed as I am Jtet 4 Weeks Later He Swept Them Off Their Feet! IN a daze he slumped to his seat. Failure . . . when a good impression before these men meant so much. Over the coffee next morning, his wife noticed his gloomy, preoccupied air. “What’s the trouble, dear?’’ “Oh . . . nothing. I just fumbled my big chance last night, that’s alll” “John! You don’t mean that your big idea didn’t go over!” “I don’t think so. But, Great Scott, I didn’t know they were going to let me do the explaining. I outlined it to Bell — he’s the public speaker of our company! I thought he was going to do the talking 1” “But, dear, that was so foolish. It was your idea — why let Bell take all the credit? They’ll never recognize your ability if you sit back all the time. You really ought to learn how to speak in public!” “Well, I’m too old to go to School now. And, besides, I haven’t got the time!” “Say, I’ve got the answer to that. Where’s that magazine? . . . Here — read this. Here’s an internationally known institute that offers a home study course ih effective speaking. They offer a free book entitled How to Work Wonders With Words, which tells how any man can develop his natural speaking ability. Why not send for it?” He did. And a few minutes’ reading of this amazing book changed the entire course of John Harkness’ business career. It showed him how a simple and easy method, in 20 minutes a day, would train him to dominate one man or thou¬ sands — convince one man or many — how to talk at business meetings, lodges, banquets and social affairs. It ban¬ ished all the mystery and magic of effec¬ tive speaking and re¬ vealed the natural laws of Conversation that distinguish the power¬ ful speaker from the man who never knows what to say. Four weeks sped by quickly. His associates were mystified by the change in his attitude. He began for the first time to voice his opinions at busi¬ ness conferences. Fortunately, the opportunity to resubmit his plan occurred a few weeks later. But this time he was ready. “Go ahead with the plan,” said the president, when Harkness had finished his talk. “I get your idea much more clearly now. And I’m creating a new place for you— there’s room at the top in our organization for men ft who know how to talk!” I And his newly developed talent II has created other advantages for /| him. He is a sought after speaker I It for civic, banquet and lodge affairs. Social leaders compete for his atJB tendance at dinners because he is B such an interesting talker. And he lays all the credit for his success to W| his wife’s suggestion — and to the facts contained in this free book — How to Work Wonders With Words. For fifteen years the North American Institute has been proving to men that ability to express one’s self is the result of training, rather than a natural gift of a chosen few. Any , man with a grammar school education can absorb and apply quickly the natural Laws of Conversation. With these laws in mind, the faults of timidity, self-consciousness, stage-fright and lack of poise disappear; repressed ideas and thoughts come forth in words of fire. Send for This Amazing Book Have you an open mind? Then send for this free book How to Work Wonders With Words. Over 65,000 men in all walks of life — including many bankers, lawyers, poli¬ ticians and other prominent men — have found in this book a key that has opened a veritable floodgate of natural speaking ability. See for yourself how you can become a popular and domi¬ nating speaker! Your copy is wait¬ ing for you— free — simply for the mailing of the coupon. NOW <@> SENT / FREE ~ North American Institute 3601 Michigan Ave., Dept. 231-A, Chicago, Ill. j> North American Institute. Dept. 231-A, 3601 Michigan Ave., Chicago. 1 Please send me FREE and without obligation I my copy of your Inspiring booklet. How to Work 1 1 Wonders With Words, and full Information | | regarding your Course in Effective Speaking. ! | Name . . . . ] | Address . . . . j City . State . j Page 1