Film Fun (1928 - 1942 (assorted issues))

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HAL ROACH, THE FAMOUS COMEDY PRODUCER, SAYS: From letters that come to me, I notice a growing demand for short films in addition to fea¬ ture length films. Watch these Short Subjects when you go to theatre and see how many of the questions below you can answer. 1 will give $50 and a handsome cane offered' by Charley Chase to the man with the best score. The most suc¬ cessful lady will receive $50 and the tiara head-dress worn by Agnes Ayres in the Tech¬ nicolor subject “Lady of Vic¬ tories.’’ For the next 50 best answers, the “Our Gang’’ rascals will present their pho¬ tographs. Metro 'Goldivyn-Mayerj Greatest of Feature Producers , has become Greatest of Short Film Producers IHow many of the “Our Gang** comedy rascals can you name/ 2 Tell in 75 words why the M-G-M News has become the leader of Newsreels. 3 What company produces the Odd¬ ities for M-G-M/ 41 n what T echnicolor Great Events picture does the Father of our country appear/ 5 Of what great living nationa hero has M-G-M made a specie short subject/ Write your answers on one side of a single sheet of paper and mail to' Metro Goldwyn -Mayer, 1*»40 Broadway, New York. All answers must be received by June 15th. Win¬ ners’ names will be published in a later issue of this maga2ine. Note: If you do not attend pic¬ tures yourself you may question your friends or consult motion picture magazines. In event of ties, each tying contestant will be awarded a prize identical in character with that tied for. ALL of the BEST theatres ARE now showing COMPLETE M-G-M QUALITY programs— M-G-M short films AS well as M-G-M’s BIG feature films — DEMAND the best! THAT’S M-G-M! STAN LAUREL and OLIVER HARDY In “Leave ’Em Laughing” and “The Battle of the Century” established themselves as screendom’s newest fun-makers. CHARLEY CHASE has won thousands of laugh loving followers. See “The Family Groupl” MAX DAVIDSON never permits a dull mo¬ ment when he is on the screen in his uproarious dialect comedies. M-G-M NEWS within a year has become the most popular of all news-reels. Issued, twice each week. The Czarina’s Secret — M-Q-M GREAT EVENTS (entirely in Technicolor) are something new in films. Ask your theatre manager about them. “OUR GANG” chases the blues away. Never pass up a chance to see tnese rascals at work. If your 4. favorite theatre doesn’t show “Our Gang” comedies ask the manager to book them right awayl ^ Battle of Octopus and Lobster — M-G-M ODDITIES are thriilj. ing moments from Life. Are , jjk you seeing these wonder jg jjfiL films at your theatre l Jm M ETRQGOLDWYN -MAYER “WORI STARS THAN THERE ARE IN HEAVEN” Page %