Film Fun (1928 - 1942 (assorted issues))

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BS&ff #«STiMWs*2 «U 'SSffi:8 Agnes — I’ve told him a dozen limes 1 won’t let him kiss me! How many times must a girl say no to a tnan like that? Joan— Don’t ask me, dearie. I don’t no. POSED BY LARRY KENT AND BILLIE DOYTE IN 'THE HEART OF A FOLLIES GIRL.” A FIRST NATIONAL PICTURE. Larry — I always get worried when it comes time to tip the waiter and the hatcheck girl. Billie — Why’s that, honey ? Larry — Oh, I just get depressed about the high cost of leav¬ ing. SCENE FROM “SAY AH-H1” WITH CHARLEY BOWERS, AN EDUCATIONAL-ROWERS COMEDY. 1st Cannibal— This man says he’s a missionary and you should let him go. Chief — What of it? 1st Cannibal —Well, we’re not going to swallow a thing like that, are we? Page ■'>