Film Fun (1928 - 1942 (assorted issues))

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BE A HOLLYWOOD TALENT SCOUT Drop everything! Learn to unearth new movie stars this new proven way. It's easy — exciting — educational! Who will be the next Hedy Lamarr? Or the next Judy Garland? Or the next Betty Boop? Nobody knows. Yet you — YOU — may be the lucky person who “dis¬ covers” the next big star. For all you know, you may have a Joan Crawford within your grasp right now. And for all we know, you may be making time with the next Minnie Mouse! In other words, all you need do to become a talent scout is to grit your teeth and look around your own home. Your cook may be another Zazu Pitts. Your hired man may be funnier than Abbott and Costello (our hired man is much funnier). And your aunt Eunice, with a little make-up and a Colossal Reducing Harness, can surely play one of the horses in the next version of Ben Hur. But if you don’t find what you want under your own roof, don’t hesitate to look elsewhere. Look into your neigh¬ bor’s rain-barrel. Peek into your estranged wife’s cookie jar; (if you don’t find a potential star there, take a cookie, anyway). And don’t overlook your mistress’s moth-proof hamper; for remember — moths and movie stars often have much in common. Leave No St (Hie Unturned! You know the old feaying: “A worm in the hand,” etc. Hence you should be on the watch for talent everywhere you go. From morning til night, you should keep your eyes peeled. The ferry boats are full of Fred Astaires — no doubt. Every business office has at least a dozen Lana Turners, a score of Rita Hayworths and enough Myrna Loys and William Powells to build an¬ other Thin Man. Moreover, by drop¬ ping a nickel in the right slot in the Automat, you can get a complete set of the Marx Brothers — on whole wheat toast. So you see being a talent scout is quite simple. All you have to do is separate the sheep from the goats, the cream from the milk, and the Marx Brothers from thewhole wheat toast. Others have tried to do this — why not you? Talent Is the Name for Stuff! There is no age limit to talent. Your great-grandmother is just as good a prospect for stardom as your greatgranddaughter. Your goldfish, your pet turtle, or even the unhatched eggs which your hen has been setting on. the past two weeks may all turn out to be famous film stars. In the case of the eggs, however, you — or the hen — had better finish the hatching process be¬ fore the eggs are shipped to Holly¬ wood, where an egg is at the mercy of hundreds of hungry actors. So if you happen to discover a star in your own home or hencoop, guard the secret with your life! Tell no one — especially us. Just remember that talent will out, and that you can’t keep a good egg down. A Star Is Born — Every Minute! One very good place to find movie talent is in the movies themselves. This is where most professional scouts look for talent. Of course, the professional scouts don’t actually go to the movies; they stay at home and read the re¬ views. Then, when a critic suddenly hails some stand-in as a coming star, the professional scouts all rush around to the various producers and say, “Look, Sam ! I gotta real find for you ! Olga Foltch! She’s another Simone Simon ! ” And the producers say, “Olga Foltch? So who is Olga Foltch arreddy?” And the scouts say, “Olga Foltch! She’ll be a box-office wow! Another Shirley Temple!” And the producers say, “But Olga Foltch — what was she in yet?” And the scouts, who aren’t any too sure, say “Well — she was a stand-in for Elsa Snartt in ‘Caught in the Draught’. But mark my woids, Sam, she’ll be a box-office wow some day, another Bette Davis ! ” So the producers say, “Haw-Kay. Sign her up and change her name to Veronica Ipswich!” Thus, a star is horn. Write Today for a Free Sample! Send today for a free sample of Talent. With this sample, you can prac¬ tice becoming a talent scout, and learn to recognize talent when it sneaks up behind and bites you. Just drop us a post card and we will ship you, pre¬ paid, another Ann Corio; and if she doesn’t bite you the first week, you’ll know she isn’t likely to become an¬ other Garbo. But don’t delay! Act now1 — or forever be mighty thankful that you didn’t! Page 32