Film Fun (June 1926)

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BROWN OF HARVARD Kick off! With the snap of a well coached team This greatest of football pictures Rushes into action! Thrill follows thrill as quickly As a quarterback barks his signals And such a team of talent! Jack Pickford as the heroic roommate — ■ Mary Brian (she's beautiful!) And William Haines as Tom Brown Who played a great game of football — and love To win out in the end! Take "time out" to see this College Classic! Directed by Jack Conway and adapted jrom Rida Johnson Young s celebrated stage play by A. P. Younger "More Stars ThanThere Are In Heaven" Tom {William Haines) is good at any game. The girl {Mary Brian) i'J™M ''.o ™ June• ]a£6, Volume 4^. Number 446. Entered aa Second-Class Matter, June 28, 1915, at the Post-Office at New York City N Y • under Act of March -\ 1879. $2.00 a year, 20c a copy. Published Monthly and copyright 1926 by the Leslie-Judge Co., Douglas H. Cooke, President; Kendall Banning, vice President and Editorial Director; Norman Anthony, Sec'y; Joseph Cooney, Asst. Treasurer, 627 West 43d St., New York. .wxiwubhuuu ^uivonai