Film Fun (June 1926)

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It Seemed So Strange to Hear Her Play We Knew She Had Never Taken a Lesson from a Teacher! WE always thought of her as an onlooker, you know. A sort of social wallflower. Certainly she had never been popular, never the center of attraction in any gathering. That night of the party when she said, "Well, folks, I'll entertain you with some selections from Grieg" — we thought she was joking. A rather poor joke, at that. But she actually did get up and seat herself at the piano. Everyone laughed — and went right on chatting. I was a little sorry for her. But I saw her chin go up, her eyes flash. She played a chord, and it rang through the room like a challenge. "Listen!" it seemed to say. And suddenly the room was hushed. . . . She played Anitra's Dance — played it with such soul fire that the room faded and we seemed to see gypsies swaying and chanting around the camp fire. Everyone sat forward, tense, listening. When the last glorious chord vanished like an echo, she turned around and faced us, her face glowing, her eyes happy. "Well!" she seemed to be saying, "you thought I was bluffing. But I can play !" We were astonished — and contrite. We surged forward in a mass to congratulate her. "How did you do it?" "Why, you are wonderful!" "We can't believe you never had a teacher!" An onlooker no longer — she was popular! She played for us all evening, and now no one would even think of having a party without inviting her. She Told Me About It Later We were lifelong friends, and I felt I could ask her about it. "You played superbly!" I said. "And I know you never had a teacher. Come — what's the secret?" "No secret at all!" she laughed. "I just got tired of being left out of things, and I decided to do something that would make me popular. I couldn't afford an expensive teacher and I didn't have the time for a lot of practice — so I decided to take the famous U. S. School of Music course. In my spare time, you know." "You don't mean to say you learned how to play so beautifully by yourself, right at home in your spare time ?" I was astounded. I couldn't believe it. "Yes — and it's been such fun! Why, it's as easy as A-B-C, and I didn't have a bit of trouble. I began playing almost from the start, and right from music. Now I can play any piece — classical or jazz. From the notes, you know." "You're wonderful!" I breathed.. "Think of playing like that, and learning all by yourself." "I'm not wonderful," she replied. "Anyone could do it. A child can understand those simplified lessons. Why, it's like playing a game! "You always wanted to pla) the violin — here's your chance to learn quickly and inexpensively. Why don't you surprise everyone, the way I did?" I took her advice — a little doubtfully at first — and now I play not only the violin but the banjo! "She played Anitra's Dance — played it ■with such soul fire that the room faded and tve seemed to see gypsies swaying and chanting around the camp fire." How You Learn Any Instrument So Easily This Way Pick Your Instrument Piano Organ Ukulele Cornet Trombone Piccolo Guitar Violin Clarinet Flute Saxophone Harp Mandolin 'Cello Hawaiian Steel Guitar Sight Singing Piano Accordion • Voice and Speech Culture Harmony and Composition Drums and Traps Automatic Finger Control Banjo (Tenor, Plectrum or 5 string) PROOF! "I am making excellent progress on the 'cello — and owe it all to your easy lessons." George C. Lauer. Belfast, Maine. "I am now on my 12th lesson and can already play simple pieces. I knew nothing about music when I started." Ethel Harnishfeger. Fort Wayne, Ind. "I have completed only 20 lessons and can play almost any kind of music I wish. My friends are astonished. I now play at church and Sunday School." — Turner B. Blake. Harrisburg, 111. saxophone, or any other instrument, you find that every single thing you need to know is explained in detail. And the explanation is always practical. Little theory — plenty of accomplishment. That's why students of this course get ahead twice as fast — three times as fast — as those who study old-time, plodding methods! Booklet and Demonstration Lesson Sent FREE You, too, can quickly teach yourself to be an accomplished musician right at home. This wonderful method has already shown half a million people how to play their 1 he amazing success ot favorite instrument. To prove that you students wno take tne can do the same jet us send you our booklet and U. S. School course IS valuable Demonstration Lesson— both FREE, largely due to a wonder Forget the old-fashioned idea that you need ful newly perfected method "talent." Read the list of instruments to the left, t-ult. ~„u„,. -„nA:~,~ „„j decide which you want to play, and the U. S. School that makes reading and 0f Music will do the rest. At the cost of only a few playing music almost as pennies a day to you! simple as reading aloud from Special offer now open to limited number of new a book. You simply can't students. Act without delay. Instruments sup „_ '„ ir;_„4. ,.„„„..„ <„;j plied when needed, cash or credit. U. S. School go wrong. First, you are told £{ Musi0| 326 Brunswick Building. New York City. how a thing is done, then a _ — _ — ^ _ ^ ^m _ — .^ ^ ^_ picture shows you how then v & Schoo, f Mugi vou do it yourself and hear . ' it. No private teacher could 326 Brunswick Building, New York City make it any clearer. The Please send me your free book "Music Lessons in admirable lessons come to Your Own Home" with introduction by Dr. Frank ..„.. u„ ™„:1 „+ -„,... 1 ;„ Crane, Demonstration Lesson, and particulars of you t>y mail at regular in your speciai offer. I am interested in the following tervals. They consist of course: complete printed instructions, diagrams, all the music you need, and music paper for writing out test exercises. __ , . , And if anything comes up Have you the above ">strument? which is not entirely plain, you can write to your in Name structor and get a full, prompt, personal reply! Address Whether you take up piano, violin, 'cello, organ, City State Page 5