Film Fun (June 1926)

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efCtMXaintwtvCycu. / A GREAT COMBINATION THAT GUARANTEES AMUSEMENT 1. Marie Prevost, public-made star, of sparkling personality, who scored distinct triumphs in "Tarnish", "The Marriage Circle" and "Kiss Me Again", now to be presented by Al Christie, the master of farce. 2. Up In Mabel's Room — A. H. Woods' sensational stage farce hit, by Willson Collison and Otto Harbach, that created a furore in leading theatrical centers of the United States, amusing millions with its inimitable comedy. 3. Al Christie — the dean of farce comedy, who gave you those wonderful laughing successes, "Charley's Aunt", "Seven Days" and "Madam Behave". 4* E. Mason Hopper— is directing it, the man who filmed "Dangerous Curves Ahead", "Janice Meredith", "The Great White Way" and who has just made "Paris at Midnight" for Metro* politan Pictures. ALL THESE THINGS SPELL A FINE EVENING'S ENTERTAINMENT ASK AT YOUR FAVORITE THEATRE WHEN THIS PICTURE IS COMING RELEASED BY PRODUCERS DISTRIBUTING CORPORATION P. C M UN ROE, Prnidnn RAYMOND PAWLEY. Vin-PniMfM aixl Ticuunt JOHN C FUNN. VlM-PretUo" •~l OnwtJ Muusn I'aye <>