Film Fun (June 1926)

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Ben Lyon Ha Six Birthpi a s 'rPIS well known and an estabJ lished fact that a person can only be born in one town or city or country. However, Ben Lyon, First National featured player, made a checkup the other day and discovered that according to the various newspapers and magazines and boosting organizations of bustling cities, he was born in six cities Altoona, Pa., Atlanta, Ga.. Baltimore, Md., High Point, X. C, Loa A .-._-_ and Bridgeport, Conn., are the six cities named. . . . Altoona claims E ta Atlanta avers he was born in Baltimore, Baltimore claims High Point as Ben's natal town, High Point claims — well, finish it yourself. Pegasus. Jr. HERE'S a poem by young Keats, alias Alfred Calistro. It is dedicated to the strong and silent Mr. Mix, of the Broad Open Spaces, where men are cowboys: Tom Mix is the cowboy king, A man who's got some pep and -g. When it comes to shooting up the town Youll always find that Tom's around. Tom has a trick horse, Tony, A rarin', rantin', he cow per.; And say, can Ten; a.: What I mean, that's a sure enough fact. Tom's a good actor and Tony, too. And their best picture I've seen is e Lucky Horseshoe." . . . Which proves that Alfred is as good a poet as Tom is an actor. Know Any More Jokes? MAY McAYOY slipped a good joke across on Ben Lyon down in Florida the other day while they were there shooting exterior scenes for "The Savage." which Earl Hudson is producing for First National. Ben had to grow a large-sized :e:._ ::: this picture, a; he :s the _- age. Tiring of being the center of all eyes, Ben decided to have some company, so he offered a prize of fifty dollars for the member of the unit who could grow the longest beard before starting back for New York. The race was on er. was r.:t s: crr-spicu:us Came the judging day. A very tiny young man with a beard a foot in length walked up to Ben, Earl Hudson and Director Fred Newmeyer, the judges, to be measured. Ben let out a yell. The prize was handed to the young man forthwith and with no questions asked. Then May removed her false beard. She had dressed like a man Without question BECAUSE it costs us more to make Fatima the retail price is likewise higher. But would men continue to pay more, do you think, except for genuinely increased enjoyment? The fact cannot be denied — thev do continue 'What a ubale of a difference just a feu cents make L.-SSBTT A U-SSS TC1ACCC *-'c simDlv laugh ourselves sick! Ooh. gosh! Ooh, g: 11: Dogged Persistence THREE days work to make a dog curl his upper lip right! That is what was required during the filming of one scene in ::' Steel." In this scene Milton Sills, the star, fights with a ::g tehee dcg. The fight ~et: :f according to schedule. But a closeup was wanted showing the dog with bis upper lip curled upward in a particular fashion. Three daps :: ::rstant effort on the part :c 5 ills, Director Archainbaud and Assistant Director Al Lena were required before the dog gave the proper curl Such is the patience required in the movies. . . . And sueh is the time wasted in the mc vies Boy. How Come? T\ OROTHY DEYORE got more J-' than a loving and devoted huscattd where site re:er.:.p ~i: .-.eare'.ed :: A ~":l:e Mat.ter Site gair.ed eer.sedera'ele :t" a : ashc rss asset Mr. Mather is ownerof the controlling interest in the Consolidated Anttsenter.ts rempar.v iterators of all the theaters in Hawaii, :t wh;:h there atr aeeue ;r.e hunhurcdre-d Arncng tt^se ::r taree that are larger and more elaborate that: the M.ll:;r. Tcllar Tceaeer :i this eery. This information is probunique to those who believed --a: ceast<ed tew rre-dern ant lecxurees . . . We've lived in Hawaii. If —ere are . e hundred me vie hcujes there, we have fifty fingers on each The rarest taeaee in Honolulu is a fine house, but ere Tage Barer. Mur.ehauser. Pmfe So