Film Fun (June 1926)

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got out of focus. Not so dumb if you can combine business and pleasure like that. Little Billy stood by trying to hold his own in an argument with Clarence Sunshine, another member of the cast. Although Clarence at the tender age of fifteen (and with a name like that!) weighs only two hundred and ninety pounds, he supplies a ton of comedy to "Oh, Baby!" "Hey, Billy, what's all this shootin' for? Does he owe you money? I asked. "Not that!" answered the diminutive star, "but what's worse. He says he's going to be a heavyweight fighter some day, and all I told him was that if that's so he's gotten away to a whale of a start!" Phone call for the press agent! On the wire was an editor who was up the previous day. At that time we called the picture "Charley's Niece," and he just heard that we had changed the title to "Oh, Baby!" "Why did you allow me to leave before it happened," he groaned. "For ten years it's been my ambition to be present at a title changing— just to know why it's done. And now you go and let me miss it by ten minutes!" Well, life can't be all sunshine — even for me. So, a trifle wilted in spirits, I went back to the set and waited for the next laugh ! POSED BY BILLY BEVAN. MARVIN LOBACH. AND MADELINE HURLOCK. IN SENNETT'S "BUTTER FINGERS." RELEASED BY PATHE. Marvin — / wouldn't throw you a rope if you were drownin. Billy — / wouldn't touch it if ye did! 'T'HEY'RE hunting a "type" at -■ Paramount to play Roosevelt in "Rough Riders." According to the press agent thousands of men are being looked over for fhe job. Of course, it doesn't occur to the director to hire a good actor and let him attend to the "type." "CNUGGLES," the smallest toy ^ poodle in the California canine world, plays an important part in the plot of "The Blind Goddess," Victor Fleming's forthcoming Paramount production. The poodle weighs less than four pounds, and is the pet of Esther Ralston in the picture. The light comedian. ooo ^7 ILMA BANKY will play ValV entino's leading lady in the "Son of the Sheik." We hope she's bedouin "The Sheik" than in some other films. FRANK "FATTY" ALEXANDER, weight four hundred and twelve pounds, stellar comedian of Standard comedies produced by Joe Rock, was married to Mary Druse, weight one hundred and forty pounds, of Red Wing, Wyo., last week. The wedding ceremony was staged at the Rock Rancho, Las Vegas, Nev. "Fat" Karr, three hundred and seventy-five pounds, and "Kewpie" Ross, three hundred and forty-eight pounds, film associates of the plump groom, served jointly as best men. Producer Rock gave the charming bride away. It looks as if Mary wouldn't be lonely. She's bound to see a lot of her husband. MARY PICKFORD'S "Sparrows" has been finished, after several months work. How do we know? A little boid told us. Play Real Music In 10 Minutes on the HORNER HARMONICA JEE how easy it is ! Take your instruction book — you can obtain one for the asking— read the simple directions and look at the pictures. Then take your Harmonica, hold it as shown, place it to the mouth and blow — draw, blow — draw. In ten minutes you will have mastered the scale — and "when you can play the scale you can play all". If you want to enjoy the satisfaction and popularity that comes to those who play the harmonica, get a Hohner today — 50c up at all dealers — and ask for the Free Instruction Book. If your dealer is out of copies write M. Honner, Inc ,Dept.225, 114 East 16th St., N. Y. d IHarmomcas Make Money in Photography! We train you quickly at home. No experience necessary. Spare time or full time. Photographs in big demand by magazines, newspapers, advertisers, etc. Portrait Photographers make more money today than ever before. Commercial Photography also pays big money. Newplan. Nothing else like it. Write today for details and new FREE book, '"Opportunities In Modern Photography." International Studios, Inc. Dept. 1 29A 3601 Michigan Ave., Chicago, III. Secretly and Quickly Removed Let Stittman's Freckle Cream _ bleach therooutwhileyoo sleep, leaving your skin soft and w hi te, fresh and clear. This snow-white magical cream brings new beauty to your complexion. Never fails; famous for 32 years: results guaranteed. Atalldruggists.SOcaodSl. ~ Send today for 'Beauty Parlor Secrets," giving useful hints about make-up and skin treatment used by stage stars. THE STILLMAN CO. 76 Rosemary Lana, Aurora, III. RADIO RING Music from your finger. This exquisite ring with glittering many facet stones is a COMPLETE RADIO SET. Guaranteed to bring in locals clearly wherever you are, or money back. Mail name and only 50 cents in full payment to Mr. LORD, ROSS MERCHAND CORPORATION, P.O. Box 10, Station I, New York City. Page 57