Film Fun (June 1926)

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cutters, who hack it down to proper length — for a film is always twice or three times as long as it should be. Also it's a jumble when it leaves the lot, and has to be assembled and arranged. Then comes the titling — the 'Came-the dawns' and the 'That nights' and the gags that you may or may not laugh over. After which the negative is shipped away for printing, turned over to the distributors and sold, heaven helping, to the exhibitors. "That's the finish for the producer and director. They heave a sigh of relief and meet the 'Dawn of a New To-morrow' with nothing to do but start all over again on a new picture. Gosh, ain't life wonderful?" / POSED BY BESSIE LOVE. IN "THE SONG AND DANCE MAN." A PARAMOUNT PICTURE. Bessie says that when better bodies are built, Flo Ziegfeld will exploit tliem. Movie Fables The Fable of the Ambitious Jane ONCE there was a little girl who thought of nothing day and night but going in the movies. She followed all the pictures, she studied the stars and their technique, she read everything there was to read on how to register emotions. Her family and friends laughed at her ambition and made fun-of her when she practiced before the Will Hollywood Give Me a Chance? Submit photograph and your complete personal description without delay. If you wish photograph returned, enclose po tage. Write TODAY FREDERICK F. PAUL F. 1S31 N. Maripo... Hollywood, Calif. m GET RID OFYOUR FAT FREE TRIAL TREATMENT sent on request. Ask for my "pay-whcnrcduced" oner. I have successfully reduced thousands of persons, without starvation diet or burdensome exercise, often at a rapid rate. Let me send you proof at my expense. DR. R. NEWMAN, Licensed Physician, Stat* of N. V. 2»« Fifth *«., N. V. Desk M mirror, but she bravely kept on. When she graduated from high school she took a position as clerk in the local department store, but she did not forget her aspirations. She saved her money, and after two years she had enough to take her to Hollywood. Everybody said, "You'll be back, glad to have your job in the store." But she said, "I'll come back as a star or my name's not Evelyn Hoople." Well, she came back to her job all right, and she wasn't a star, but she kept her word jusfc the same, because her name wasn't Evelyn Hoople. She'd changed it to Annabelle Del Montague. Morjal— Ain't Life Wonderful? The Bare Facts in the Case HP HIS is not a bedtime story A even though it is the tale of a little honey-bear, used to robbing bees' nests in the mountains of North Carolina or Tennessee, or what have you. When Wesley Ruggles, director of Robert Kane's new First National picture, "The Wilderness Woman," wanted a bear, this, one of the honey variety was found and hired. The company journeyed to Saranac Lake recently where the warmest it ever got was two below the zero mark. The bear was taken along. He had important scenes with Aileen Pringle and Lowell Sherman. The first day of work the thermometer registered fourteen below, and it was all that Miss Pringle . and Mr. Sherman could do to appear before the camera. Did you ever try registering emotion at fourteen below? It was all very difficult, and Mr. Ruggles was glad when it came to taking scenes with the bear. Here was an actor who didn't mind the snow and the cold. Mr. Ruggles called upon the property man to produce the bear. It was produced, but it was nothing more than a curled-up and shivering ball of fur. It wept piteously and demanded the honey of the Carolinas. It bit the property man's leg. And it caught what rightfully can be termed a beastly cold. The picture was delayed until a Saranac bear could be found. Eventually one of the northern breed was produced. Now the Saranac bear is ensconced in the Cosmopolitan studio where Mr. Kane is making "The Wilderness Woman," and as a result of his coming from Saranac there must be no heat in the studio. The animal finds it rather warm at even as much as ten above. All of which goes to prove that in addition to weddings, appointments for fittings, etc., a bear's cold may hold up the production of a picture. Those are the bare facts. ,i i. fkuticmoMR ~in OO d°ys! YOU can play real tunes from the start. . No notes to puzzle you — no tiresome scales to practice. You need not know a thing about music. Even if you have never touched a piano, if you can hum or whistle a tune, we can teach you to play all popular song hits by ear at a very small cost. No need now to spend years practising under old-time method. My new and original system tenches you easily and quickly. Write at once for Free Booklet to show you how easily it can be done. This wonderful home course is offered at a ridiculously low cost. 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