Film Fun (June 1926)

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One or two films like the "Big Parade" had us weakening a little in our skepticism, but things like the "Dixie Merchant" and "Memory Lane" put us right back where we were — sniffing and snorting and snarling, "Art of the Movie Pictures? Blah!" But — not no more. No, not never no. more! We've seen "The Black Pirate," and though we may and will hereafter sit through several thousand miles of hokum and bunk and blither and bosh, we shall remember "The Black Pirate" and know that there is a true, authentic, valid and genuine movie art. "The Black Pirate" is that art. * * * A bully, brave, robust, swashbuckling, romantic story; a lusty, lustful, gory and gorgeous background of fierce fighting, hot hates and cold cruelty; swift, swinging, imaginative direction ; photography surpassingly beautiful and amazingly real, and acting that is simply superb— these go to make up a picture that to our mind puts Douglas Fairbanks in a class by himself as a producer and scenarist; and stamps him, too, as one of the great actors of the screen — something we haven't quite been able to award him before this. * * * Oh, yes, he still plays himself — and why not? It's himself that people always have and always will go to see. But in this film he has built himself into greater stature as an actor, and given himself a vehicle in which he rides to the tip top of the movie world. Bessie Dove, as the lovely, frightened, beleagured heroine, is splendid, and everybody else in the cast, including the least, last and most inconspicuous extra, is much more than adequate in this story of villainy, heroism, love, lust, adventure and high romance. And on top of all that the picture is in Kinimacolor — by far the most successful use of this process which has ever been made. "The Black Pirate," to our mind, is the Finest Moving Picture That Ever Was! "The Torrent" WE don't see how any critic can dam "The Torrent." We were carried away by it. This Ibanez picture is a valid grown-up story, told in a grown-up manner for grown-ups. If you want your tragedy sticklied over with a sugar coating, don't go to "The Torrent." If your nero must be strong and noble and splendid — don't go to "The Torrent." If the sweet, sentimental old "Home and Mother" songs make you weep in a cabaret — don't go to "The Torrent." If your heroine must be a perfectly innocent and flawless ingenue— don't go to "The Torrent" * * * For this is a story of a tragedy — not battle, murder and sudden death — but the tragedy of the might-have-been worked out to its merciless and logical conclusion. This is the story of a hero too weak and inconstant and timid to break the bonds of his slavery to a scheming, selfish, mean-minded and cold-blooded snob of a mother. This is a story of a heroine who won to the heights in her career, and whose adventures on the way there are neither apologized for nor explained away. * * * A tale of young love blighted, grown-up love spoiled, middle-age disillusioned and numbed by the dreary routine of day by day. So, if you like "Pollyanna" — don't go to "The Torrent." But if you like to see how tragedy can be made throbbingly, thrillingly absorbing, if you like to see a group of characters work out their destinies to an inevitable conclusion through a film splendidly directed, beautifully camera-ed and gorgeously acted — then by all means see ''The Torrent." It's so good that even if you happen to demand sugar-coated tragedy, strong heroes, speckless heroines, sweet, white-haired mothers, etc. — we believe you'd go home from this picture without resenting, their absence. Greta Garbo, the Swedish girl imported to star in this picture, is, to put it mildly and conservatively, simply great. Quietly, competently, without effort she carries you to the top of Mount Everest and drops you to the bottom of Death Valley. Riccardo Cortez, as the weakling young hero, is consistent and capable, and — as a middleaged provincial — extraordinary. Tully Marshall plays a messy old family lawyer brilliantly, and Martha Mattox as the dominant mother, is the perfection of hatefulness. And lest our summary scare you away, let us inform a waiting world that this film is neither drab, nor morbid — it is a stimulating, colorful, absorbing story in which life just happens to be life and people are people, not puppets. From all of which you may