FilmIndia (1939)

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PRAKASH is c onsidered absolute leadership of tlie field, in the Production of THRILLERS! On the trail of "Mr. X* @omes Hero No. 1 3)i,tc(or: Balwant Bhatt Cast: Jay ant, Gulab, Umakant, Shirin, Laloobhai etc: Running, at: SUPER CINEMA For Bookings and Provincial Rights: EVERGREEN PICTURES, 15, Queens Kd. BcmbouA miss qulab jrora F JRL comes Three Great Picture! (1) The Duke and The Dancer Thrilling romance of Napoleon's Son. starring: Lilian Harvey. (2) Her Home Coming An exiled Daughter's Adventures. Starring: Zarah Leander (Greta Garbo of Germany) (3) History of World Crisis Monopolist for India Burma and Ceylon. THE CONTINENTAL PICTURES, 34, The Mall, Lahore Bombay Madras Agents; S. L. SEMPLE & CO. Tinwala Buildint), Bombay No. It. Wanted Agents for Bengal and Burmah.