FilmIndia (1939)

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FILMINDIA March 193ft tor St., London, E.C. 4. 128. Price sh. 3-6.' Pages The title of the book tells its story and we cannot tell you the secret better. This is a very handy book for the professional photographer, and even to the advanced amateur. It tells you all about photographs that sell, their quality, their selling features and their markets. And at the end of it all there is a long list of people who buy them and their addresses. If you have some really good photographs this book might pay its price a hundred times over in your case. You will know who wants them, and how to sell them. Provided you know where to buy this book. REICHS KINO ADDRESSBLTH 1938. (Publishers: Lichtbildbuhne, Verlag Dr. Buhrbanck & Co. K.G. Berlin. Price RM. 30. Approximately Rs. 30). This Directory which is the 16th annual publication contains all the information regarding organizations, directly and indirectly connected with the German film industry, producers, distributors and the list of manufacturers and the machinery and other articles required by the film industry. The directory also includes information concerning the film industry of Austria and Sudeten Germany which has bsen recently established in the Reich. The book is therefore a good reference work for all those interested in the German film industry and particularly to those who are already in touch with it or would like to establish contact with the same in future. MOTION PICTURES IN EDUCATION. (Published by: H. W. Wilson & Co., 950, University Ave., Newi York, N.Y. — Pages 472. Price S2.50). Sponsored by the American] Council of Education this book is a useful compendium of different] books, articles and theses on tha subject of visual education. The numerous books, boiled down to digest form, in this collection, form] a valuable guidance to teachers and' students interested in visual education. The book is a painstaking attempt and provides elaborate contemporary thoughts on the subject. FOR EXHIBITORS TO MAKE EASY MONEY PAILLARD REVOLVING SALESMAN IN YOUR SHOW WINDOW Consumption ICvoll* Diameter 3C cm. (12"1 Hei«ht 11 cm. nboul 4 12 1 \NciiiM IC lb. 4 oz. Mux. Load appr. 66 lb*. Model 1174 MolorforA.C. 1CC-25C » oil* Mode! f.4C4v»i1h Lni\cr»nl mnlor for ' \ !>.< 1CC-2SC volln. * Here's the IT PAYS ITS VALUE AND YOU TOO IN NO TIME. Tlie illustration on the left shows the PAILLARD MOTOR IN working. You can use this for advertising your current and coming pictures as well as attract local traders to advertise in your show case. Rotates 6 revolutions per minute on A. C. or D.C No attendance required. Anj superstructure is possihle and holds load to the extent of 66 lhs. (appro*. ,) Ask (or details to-day. Remem ber IT IS CHEAP. International Radio Co, Dina Building Opp. Marine Lines Station Queen s Road. Bombay 56