FilmIndia (1939)

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irch 1939 FILM INDIA re is quite intelligent and atictive and the picture is expectto run well at all places in the uth, especially in the Andhra stricts. Miss Kanchanamala, is Dorted to have given some excellt songs with classic tunes and ly supported by Mr. Nagiah and ss Kalyani, "Vandemataram" ould beat all previous records in uth India. LVIN FILMS (Palakol): Mr. Niranjan Pal, late of Borny Talkies of Bombay is now as:iated with these producers who β– re producing "Amma" or "Home ming" in the Aurora Studios in .lcutta. This is a Telugu story th a social theme. Thanks to e untiring efforts of Mr. Soorm, the proprietor of this conrn, "Home Coming" has at last en completed and is scheduled be released in the city shortly. iDHRA CINETONE, (Vizagapatam) : "Bhaktha Jayadev" directed by Jren Bose is reported to be draw ing well at the Broadway Talkies in Madras. The future programme of the company is still kept a secret. ROYAL TALKIE DISTRIBUTORS (Madras) : "Sakku Bai" under the direction of Mr. Sunderrao Nadkarni is now in the finishing stages. Miss Aswathamma who is cast in the leading role, is reported to have excelled all her previous performances. "Sakku Bai" should prove to be a rare musical of the year, mightier than "Bilwamangal", both in the box-office takings and in quality of entertainment. CENTRAL STUDIOS (Coimbatore) : "Rambha's Love" is at last ready for release and ought to be on the screen by the time this issue is in your hand. Master Mahalingam and Miss Santhanalakshmi are now cast in another mythological story under production. MODERN THEATRES (Salem): "Anandashram" will be their next. The stunt queen of the South is starring in this picture with Mr. Rangachari and others. What stunts are there in 'Anand Ashram', let us wait and see! PREMA FILMS (Madras): "Matru Bhoomi" under the direction of Mr. H. M. Reddy is entirely ready and should be on the screen sometime by the end of this month. THE SOUTH INDIAN UNITED ARTISTES CORPN. (Bombay): A new company has been formed under the name of The South Indian United Artistes Corporation in Bombay, for the production of Tamil pictures. The first subject which is intended to be a social one and according to expectations is likely to go into production during the course of the next month. Ttco Ttlo>ie Cjijantic TYiabaw Productions A) ABLAKI SAKTI featuring : β€” Miss Kajjan, Khalil, Premlata, Pearl, Laxmi, Mustafa, Chunilal etc. B) MERCHANT of VENICE or Zalim Sodagar Jeatuiing : β€” Jehanara Begum and Khalil. FOR TERRITORIAL RIGHTS OF THE PICTURES AND FOR TALKIE SET: Apply:β€” INDIA PICTURES LTD., --- |78, Harrison Road, CALCUTTA 61