Hollywood Studio Magazine (October 1967)

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Bernard Weitzman Joins Universal Bernard Weitzman has been named vice president of Universal Pictures in charge of studio operations, effective August 21, it was announced by Albert Dorskind, whom he replaces in that post. Mr. Dorskind, vice president and trea¬ surer of MCA, Inc., Universal’s parent corporation, will devote himself increas¬ ingly to corporate affairs. A vice president of Desilu Productions for the past 14 years, Mr. Weitzman pre¬ viously was Director of Business Affairs for CBS in Hollywood. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California and the University of Alabama. He holds degrees both as an engineer and a law¬ yer, as well as a master’s in performing arts. In making the announcement Mr. Dors¬ kind said: “We are indeed fortunate to have been able to secure the services of Mr. Weitz¬ man. We have a particular high regard for his abilities and we know he will be a valuable addition to our company.” Kiddie Preem Too, For ‘Jungle Book’ Plans for the world premiere of Walt Disney’s new animated motion picture, The Jungle Book,” at Crau- man’s Chinese Theatre on Oct. 18, have been expanded to include a spe¬ cial 5 p.m. showing for 1 500 under¬ privileged children. Art Linkletter will host the after¬ noon affair, which, like the 8 p.m. pre¬ miere, will see the west end of Holly¬ wood Blvd. dressed up with all of the live entertainment and showmanship for which Disney Studios and Disney¬ land have become famous. Arrange¬ ments have been made by the Los An¬ geles City and County Recreation and Parks Departments to bus youngsters from various areas in the city to Grau- man’s Chinese. Each bus group will be hosted by a costumed Disney character and a Dis¬ neyland hostess, and special gift pac¬ kages and dinners will be given to each youngster. The evening premiere will be a fam¬ ily affair, with all proceeds being don¬ ated to the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Assn. Pre-premiere entertainment will include interviews with stars and their families, a 125-piece “Safari” band, Louis Prima, Sam Butera and the Wit¬ nesses, Disney’s costumed characters, live animals from the Zoo and Disney¬ land entertainment. TV Group To Build Big Valley Village Jules 'Levy, Arthur Gardner and Arnold Laven, partners in Levy-Gardner- Laven Productions, have acquired 320 acres of land in Aqua Dulce Canyon, near Vasquez Rocks, just off the Sierra Free¬ way. They said they plan to build a Big Valley Village, including an exact rep¬ lica of the Barkley Ranch seen in their ‘Big Valley’ television series, as a tourist attraction. The site will also be available for location filming. OBITUARIES VICTOR SUTKER Victor Sutker, 70, former casting director for Edward Small Productions, Columbia, and Walt Disney Productions, died recently at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital following a short illness. Services were held at Hillside Me¬ morial Park. He leaves a widow, Mary, two daughters and several grandchildren. ANTONY ELLIS Private rites will be conducted for Antony Ellis, 47, film and TV writer- producer who died Tuesday at Big Bear Lake after a long illness. He began with CBS Radio, was affiliated with Four Star TV and also wrote feature films. He leaves his widow Jan, daugh¬ ters Tina and Briana, and son Jonathan. ‘House of‘Today in North Hollywood 12035 Victory Blvd. n block East of Laurel Canyon) • PO 6-2288 • TR 7-7024 • 984-3342 Mon., Wed., Fri. til 9 • Tues., Thurs., Sat. til 5 • Sun. 12-5 SALE SALE SALE I complete 5 pieces 100 save | INCLUDING |«2 Commodes • 72" Dresser • Large framed i | • King, queen or choice oi all 5 pieces $ 399 Genuine pecan—all hardwood, dust-proof and dovetailed drawers.. . the construction and detail you would expect in fine fine quality furniture ... beautifully finished ... hand rubbed grain pecan. Choice of pumice or rich brown mellow tones... this is one group you must see and only through the cooperation of the manufacturer can we offer such a value. • Member I.D.A. • Free Decorating Counsel • Terms, of course now only Other matching pieces at equal savings. 8