Hollywood Studio Magazine (May - June 1968)

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LE P OULTRE Companions in Elegance ATMOS, the perpetual motion clock powered by the unfailing variations in air temperature. $135. LECOULTRE'S AUTOMATIC, calendar, wrist alarm watch. Solid 14K gold. All-Proof® protected against moisture, dust, shock. $175. BANKAMERICARD & MASTER CHARGE CREDIT & 'erg.g.ren JEWELERS The Valley's Leading Jewelers for Thirty-Five Years. «v»to j t % Telephone STate 8-4014 No. 25 Bullock's Fashion Square %>„****' SHERMAN OAKS MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY CREATIVE CUSTOM DESIGNING i our own shops • certified gemologists STUDIO MAGAZINE FOR AND .ABOUT PEOPLE IN THE INDUSTRY May-June, 1968 Volume 3, No. 1 THE COVER THIS MONTHS COVER: Tony Curtis joined Director Richard Fleischer in a Hollywood milestone film when the pair teamed up for 20th Century Fox’s product* ion of “The Boston Strangler.” Extensive use of multi-image projection on the screen is a thing of the future, Fleischer predicts. Fox agrees and backed the high - budget exper¬ iment which just finished shooting. After a “nose job” by the studio makeup department, Curtis was ready to forget his past comedy roles and attempt one ot the most dramatic parts of his career, that of Albert DeSalvo, the selfconfess- ed ‘Boston Strangler' H STUDIO SUBSCRIPTION NEWS TURN TO PAGE 33 CONTENTS THE BOSTON STRANGLER . .4 Frank Taylor PART-TIME GORILLA.6 Napoleon Boz NEWS FROM GOWER GULCH. 10 Bea Colgan UNIVERSAL’S MEMORY LANE . 12 W.C. Tuttle THE LILLY BELLE GOES TO DISNEYLAND. 15 Mike Broggie GREAT LADY OF THE DANCE. 19 Rose Robinson MICKEY’S CORNER. 25 Mike Broggie UNTROUBLED ANGEL. 30 Bill Erwin “THE LAST WORD” .34 John Ringo Graham SPECIAL SECTIONS WHERE TO BUY A CAR Page 9 RECOMMENDED BUSINESS FIRMS Page 23 DISTINCTIVE DINING Page 31 PUBLISHER: Dorothy H. Denny EDITOR Frank Taylor ART DIRECTOR: doti fiorello ADVERTISING DIRECTOR: Alberta Cowles STUDIO MAGAZINE for and about people in the Indus¬ try is published monthly at 14006 Ventura Blvd., Suite 206, Sherman Oaks, California. Mailing address: P. O. Drawer M, Sherman Oaks, California 91403. SUBSCRIP¬ TION RATES: 1 year $3.50, 2 years $5.50. Deadline 15th of each month. Copyright 1966. STate 9-9858-CONTROLLED POSTAGE PAID, VAN NUYS, CALIF.