Hollywood Studio Magazine (May - June 1968)

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Relaxing around the house after a hard day's work, Del La Roche reads the paper. A visit to his home during one of the Del La Roche’s informal evening dinners bears this out, around the table are likely to be people from many couitries and backgrounds, chattering away in complete freedom. “We have a mini U.N. right here in Sunland,” Diane Del La Roche smiled, “the monkey business did it. Nobody can be mad at a monkey,” She might have added “especially if he is as good natured as Scotty Del La Roche.” PLACES | TOGO GREATER LOS ANGELES ZOO, 5333 Crystal Springs Road, Los Angeles. 663-8234. A vast and varied col¬ lection of animals and birds from all parts of the world in a setting of beautiful and unusual collection of trees, shrubs and plants to simulate anything from the Afri¬ can Veldt to the Arctic Tundra. NBC COLOR TELEVISION STUDIOS - Some of the nation's top-rated shows originate "live" from these studios. Many TV films are made in the Valley area, with the facilities of Revue, Screen Gems, and Mark VII ’Productions located nearby. Free TV tickets. Public tours. 3000 W. Alameda, Burbank. TH 5-7000, Ext. 2194, reservations. DISNEY STUDIOS, 500 S. Buena Vista, Burbank. Where all the famous Disney characters were created. A drive around the studio will show a glimpse of some of the outdoor sets of the Zorro TV series. Directions: (from Hollywood) Take Holly¬ wood Freeway north; go right on .Barham Blvd., right on Riverside Drive, just past NBC-TV Studio. Aided by his pert wife, Diane, Dei La Roche gets ready to do his act. Diane puts Scotty's "head" on him. UNIVERSAL CITY — Tours are conducted daily except Sunday. Trams conduct visitors to behind the scenes, locations. New tourists' village, restau¬ rants. Interesting to see. Off Ventura Freeway at Lankershim Blvd. WM. S. HART MUSEUM A PARK, 2415 N. Newhall Ave., Newhall. Open 10.to 5. Collections on exhibit ‘ include works of Charles M. Russell, Western artist, and a display of famous firearms. Hart's early California ranch equipment and relics. Horses, buffalo, other animals are kept on park grounds. Park is closed on Mondays. 35 miles from Holly¬ wood. Take Hollywood Freeway to Sepulveda to U. S. No. 6 at Newhall. A treat for Movie fans! BUSCH GARDENS offers monorail tours of plant facilities and boat ride through tropical garden pavilions to enjoy Anheuser Busch products. At 16000 Roscoe Blvd., Van Nuys, just west of San Diego Freeway. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wed¬ nesday through Sunday. Free. CALLAHAN'S OLD WEST displays relics of the Old West. Go north across San Fernando Valley to Foothill Blvd., take Palmdale cutoff. By-pass freeway at Solemint Junction and keep straight ahead to 13660 Sierra Highway. Open daily. ABRAHAM LINCOLN HISTORICAL CENTER: Books and mementoes, 25-minute computer-controlled theater production on Lincoln. Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, except Sundays. At Riverside Drive and Woodman Ave., Sherman Oaks. Free. TV TICKETS (FREE) BY TELEPHONE: If you didn't write for TV show tickets prior to your arrival in Hollywood, don't despair. Call 884-1842 or write box 454, Woodland Hills, California and enclose self-addressed stamped envel¬ ope. Tickets available will be sent free