Hollywood Studio Magazine (May - June 1968)

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IMPORTANT - STUDIO EMPLOYEES The following Individuals and Dealerships have been personally contacted and have agreed to give employees of all Valley Studios the best possible deal, consistent w ith ethical business practices. JOHN LANCE’S Burbank Imports Phone— TH 5-7666 THE FINEST IN SALES, PARTS AND SERVICE FACTORY AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR • • • JAGUAR XKE • 2 + 2 • SEDANS.from $4295 TRIUMPH GT6 9TR-4A9 SPITFIRE.from $1699 RENAULT R 10* R 10 AUTOMATIC.from $1695 633 S. San Fernando Blvd. Burbank, (Across from Bob's Big Boy] FACTORY AUTHORIZED DEALERSFOR: • JAGUAR • ALFA-ROMEO • ROVER • LAND ROVER • TRIUMPH • SUNBEAM • CORTINA FORD SHOWROOMS OPEN 7 DAYS + 5 NIGHTS A WEEK SERVICE DEPT. OPEN 6 Days a Week — Tues. & Thurs. 'til 9:30 P.M. Saturdays 'til noon DUETTO SPYDER TEST-DRIVE THE TOP-RATED ONE TAX-FREE OVERSEAS DELIVERY ARRANGED 5015 VAN NUYS BLVD.. SHERMAN OAKS 2 biks. no. 789 0585 FACTORY AUTHORIZED DEALER EUROPEAN DELIVERY SPECIALISTS HASTE &HIRSTY IMPORTS Our Reputation Rides With Every Car We Sell. VOLVO SAFETY FIRST 122S 2-DOOR and STATION WAGON Stick or Aut 1800 S SPORT COUPE and the All New 144 S SEDAN TRIUMPH Fast Back G.T.6, TR'4A and Spitfire TRY A SAAB Swedish Daring, Front Wheel Drive Powered by the Shrike or V-4 engine • 10 Years Same Location 11647 Ventura Blvd.. Studio City —TR 7-9200 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 4-4-2-88-98 TORONADO » L FLEET PRICES TO STUDIO EMPLOYEES May Be Obtained Only From ^oe (jreene of KAISER BROS. 1540 Figueroa St, Los Angeles 90015 A NEW CAR DEALER FOR OVER 50 YEARS I’m as near as your phone” Rl 9-2331 VALLEY - PO 3-3055 THE PLACE TO BUY... NOW! CHEVY'S GREAT IN'68... Dramatic... Distinctive... Darling new with all new looks front and rear.*. ranging from the rakish Corvete...the luxurious Impala custom coupe...the brilliant Chevelle 396 SPORT COUPE ...the sleek Chevey II thru a club of smart sportsters in the Camaro and Corvette! BE SMART! BE SURE! BUY NOW AT PoUahcb 'RavesiAcJiafL I CHEVROLET / 6001 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys —Phones 785-2111 • 873-1070 WALKER DODGE-JAGUAR /lodge luttls s Authorized Factory Direct Dealer DODGE-JAGUAR SUNBEAM-SIMCA Large enough to take care of your service needs ... and small enough to want to! 21415 Roscoe Boulevard PHONE: 883-7100 Canoga Park, California 873-6155