Hollywood Studio Magazine (May - June 1968)

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THE BOSTON STRANGLER Continued from Page 5 frames, within the one wide-screen picture is going on at the same time.” For example, one frame will show a woman locking her door, the second frame will have a detective talking to a suspect, the third will show police bringing in suspects to a police station, the fourth frame will have DeSalvo driving and trying to find a parking place where he can look up an intended victim, and a fifth will show Bottomly checking over records of known criminals in his “Stranger Bureau” office. To aid the audience in focusing atten¬ tion on the most important action, sound will be utilized in one frame only. The audience, aware of the entire screen, concentrates its attention on the frame with sound. Fleischer predicts audiences will enjoy the multi-screen process. “They’ll be fascinated,” he says, “they are being allowed to see everything taking CAPTURE—Tony Curtis, who stars as the self-confessed strangler Albert DeSalvo, is caught by policeman Bill Couch, with an assist by George Fisher, left, in 20th Century-fox's "The Boston Strangler." place at one time and it will be an electrifying innovation to them,” he con¬ tinued. The new technique has been a chal¬ lenge to Fleischer and the Fox tech- nicions because it required dozens of camera angles not normally needed. In several instances, five cameras were used at one time to get the proper footage. There were 14 cameras altogether, Fleischer pointed out, during production. While multi-image techniques are not new, the unique use Fleischer makes of them is. If the audience reaction is as good as Fleischer thinks, “The Boston Strangler” will be a new milestone for Hollywood. It is also a further proof that the film capitol is not afraid to tackle different approaches to the art of movie making. Even on film, Albert DeSalvo manages to remain a unique and strange criminal, one that Boston will not forget in a long time. Curtis was captured after long street chase. The film, directed by Richard Fleischer with Robert Fryer producing, stars Curtis, Henry Fonda and George Kennedy. Ckaiuied IaGoiuLa Ho/ibc/i CELEBRATION Channel Islands Harbor Fourth Annual Celebration, will be held Memorial Day Weekend, Thursday, May 30th, continuing through Friday, May 31st, Saturday, June 1st and Sunday, June 2nd. This year’s. Harbor Celebration will again take place in Ventura County owned harbor in Oxnard with events taking place in the peninsula area near the Sirena projects, the new Lobster Trap restaurant and the Peninsula Yacht Anchorage on the west bank alongside the park on Harbor Boulevard. There will also be activity on the east bank along Victoria Avenue, near Capt. Jack’s Restaurant, the Sportfishing Landing and the public launching ramp. The Channel Islands Harbor Celebration this year will be more ambitious than in the three previous years. Aquatic events, concentrated mostly on Saturday and Sunday, June 1st and 2nd, will include championship outboard and hydroplane races, small boat regattas, other sailing races, kite skiing demonstrations and various Navy participation events. Highlights of the Celebration will be the fireworks on Saturday at dusk and the very colorful and competitive Parade of Boats late Saturday afternoon. Other attractions include Scuba demonstrations, fishing derby, fashion shows, all day art shows, pancake breakfasts, and this year the very popular Fish Fry will be on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons and early evenings. The Carnival will start on Thursday and continue through Sunday. A large tent will serve as a theatre and a revue will be staged with one matinee and one evening performance on Thursday, one evening performance on Friday, one matinee and one evening performance on Saturday and one matinee on Sunday. The Memorial Day program will start approximately 11 A.M., May 31st, with the official coronation of the Channel Islands Harbor Queen by this year’s King Neptune, Carl Straub, the current Yacht Club Commodore. Important dignitaries, statesmen, Navy Bands, choral groups, drill teams, Reverend Franklin Greene of Oxnard’s First Methodist Church, will participate and the program will end with the by now traditional and colorful “Landing of Cabrillo” pageant. ll