Hollywood Studio Magazine (May - June 1968)

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Industry Supports Senate Bill HJonftruff’s MEN'S SHOP 5033 LANKERSHIM BOULEVARD AT HESBY NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 91601 PHONES • 761-3469 • 761-2886 WHAT-HAVE-YOU- Scavenaer’s Paradise Antiques BUY - RENT - SELL - SWAP USED FURNITURE - MARBLE 3749 Cahuenga * North Hollywood TR 7-7945 TR 7-4803 Pickup and Delivery Service for Entire Valley 18 years giving Distinctive Cleaning to the Finest Wardrobes Near Studio — 10933 Camarillo St. North Hollywood In an effort to aid in halting the decline of Hollywood film productions and curtail the growing unemployment problem that is plaguing the film industry, the Board of Trustees of the Motion Picture and Television Relief Fund has unanimously endorsed a resolution seeking to enact Senate Bill 393, repealing the California State Inventory Tax, it was announced by George L. Bagnall, Fund president. Presently before the California Legislature, Senate Bill 393, if passed, would limit the assessment of motion pictures to the negatives and prints themselves, and no intangible values would be included in the assessment. As of now the entire production cost of all exposed motion picture and television negatives on hand in California as of March 1 are subject to the inventory tax. It was resolved by the MP & TRF Board that the Legislature and the Governor of California be urgently requested to enact Bill 393 in order to aid the economy of the State of California which has relied on revenues from the Hollywood film industry over the past many years. “The inventory tax has become an unjust burden for motion picture and TV production to carry in California,” stated Bagnall. “Because of it, production companies are forced to schedule production so as to avoid the March assessment date, causing hiatus in production and creating additional problems for motion picture companies wishing to film in California.” In order to induce a more orderly schedule of motion pictures, eliminate delays in productions, increase year-round employment in Hollywood, encourage increased picture producton in California, and materially aid in the preservation of California’s motion picture and television industry, the Fund’s Board of Trustees requested the Legislature and the Governor of California to enact the Senate Bill. Copies of the resolution, signed by Bagnall and William T. Kirk, executive director of the Fund, have been sent to all members of the Assembly of the State of California and to Governor Ronald Reagan. * * * wanted...# Pictures with Cap t i on s,s to rie s, STUDIO Magazine Mailing address: Drawer M, Sherman Oaks, JET TRIP — Actor Jim Boles, his sister Mrs. Mary Ann Addison, son Eric Boles and nephew John Chiarkas, from left, are ready to board American Airlines jet for flight east. Family, all of Van Nuys, flew to Garner, Mass., for wedding of Mr. Boles' daughter Barbara Lynn to Lt. Samuel Porter Evans USA. A LOCATION WIFE My guide to Rome was ready My dictionary in tow When of course the picture was changed from Italy to Mexico. I brushed up on my Spanish; Bought my summer clothes. The director changed the location to the place where the Danube flows. So I bought more wintry clothing- The star was not content. His wife was in Zambezi, so to Africa we went. I swear, if there’s a next time I won’t appear at all. I’ll go with my whatevers, and probably have a ball. Lois Gereghty /" enjoy STUDIO ever y month Nome Street Adress Stote Mail check to P.O. Drawer M Sherman Oaks, California 91403 1 year $3.50 — 2 years $6.00 Telephone 989-9858 14