Hollywood Studio Magazine (July 1968)

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IS YOUR UNION MISSING SOMETHING ? The editors of Hollywood Studio Magazine are looking for correspondents and columns representing the various crafts, unions and guilds in the movie industry. If your union isn't represented on our pages, mention it to your union officers. STUDIO MAGAZINE FOR AND ABOUT PEOPLE IN THE INDUSTRY JULY 1968 Vol. 3 No - 3 ABOUT THE COVER OUCH! At Universal and 20th Century Fox, stunt bottles are being broken by the dozens for the benefit of tourists who come from all parts of the U.S. to see “behind the scenes”-of Hollywood’s glittering studio gates. The four major tours, Universal City Studio Tours, 20th Century Fox, MGM and NBC have rolled out the red carpet in grand style. This summer the tours hope to see almost 2,000,000 guests pass through their turnstiles. Most of the happy visitors who throng to these attractions report, “Tours are better than ever!" Hollywood has entered a new era. The tourist boom. If business is off at the box office - build it up with a movie lot tour. CONTENTS FOR A LIMITED TIME. HOLLYWOOD STUDIO MAGAZINE IS OFFERING AT THE INTRODUCTORY is SUBSCRIPTIONS PRICE OF $2.00 enjoy STUDIO ever y month The Magazine for and about people in the Industry CLIP AND MAIL: HOLLYWOOD STUDIO MAGAZINE DRAWER M. SHERMAN OAKS, CALIF. NAME. (Please Print) ADDRESS- Zip No. City PLEASE SEND ME A ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION FOR 2.00 THE HOLLYWOOD TOUR TRAIL GUIDE (The Low Down On The Big Tours) .4 MINIATURES FOR THE MOVIES.Napoleon Boz 8 UNIVERSAL STUDIO NEWS.14 NEWS FROM GOWER GULCH.15 HANNA BARBERA SPOT LIGHT .16 MGM NEWS.22 DISNEY NEWS .24 ENCINO’S COMMAND PERFORMANCE.27 PARAMOUNT NEWS .29 NEWS ABOUT INDUSTRY PEOPLE .31 NEWS FROM WARNER BROTHERS-SEVEN ARTS.32 NEWS FROM 20th CENTURY FOX.34 SPECIAL SECTIONS DISTINCTIVE DINING STUDIO TRAVEL DIRECTORY RECOMMENDED BUSINESS FIRMS WHERE TO BUY A CAR PUBLISHER: ART DIRECTOR: Dorothy H. Denny doti fiorello EDITOR ADVERTISING DIRECTOR: Frank Taylor Alberta Cowles STUDIO MAGAZINE for and about people in the Indus¬ try is published monthly at 14006 Ventura Blvd., Suite 206, Sherman Oaks, California. Mailing address: P. O. Drawer M, Sherman Oaks, California 91403. SUBSCRIP¬ TION RATES: 1 year $3.50, 2 years $5.50. Deadline 15th of each month. Copyright 1966. STate 9-9858 - CONTROLLED POSTAGE PAID, VAN NUYS,CALIF. 3