Hollywood Studio Magazine (July 1968)

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JOHN TRUSCOTT GETS PRODUCTION POST Two time Academy Award winner John Truscott has been signed by pro¬ ducer Alan Jay Lerner as production designer on “Paint Your Wagon” for Paramount Pictures. Starring Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood and Jean Seberg, the color and Panavision production goes before the cameras in Baker, Oregon, on June 24 with Joshua Logan directing. Truscott won two Oscars, one with Edward Carrere for art direction and another for costume design on “Camelot” also directed by Logan. MAX JULIEN SIGNED FOR "BETRAYAL” Max Julien has been signed by pro¬ ducer-director Jules Dassin for a featured role in Paramount’s “Betrayal”, starring Raymond St. Jacques, Ruby Dee, Frank Silvera, Roscoe Lee Browne and Julian Mayfield, currently filming in Cleveland. Julien, who is co-starring in two cur¬ rent films, “Psyche Out” and “The Sav¬ age Seven”, is cast as Johnny, a young negro who is betrayed by his best friend. ROBT. V. NEWMAN TO DIRECT FOR PARAMOUNT Robert V. Newman has joined Para¬ mount Studios as staff executive pro¬ ducer, it is announced by Bernard Donnenfeld, vice president in charge of production administration. Newman in his new capacity will also work closely with Edwin E. Holly, vice president of the company’s facilities divi¬ sion. For eight years Newman was vice president of Samuel Goldwyn Produc¬ tions, he then became President of John Wayne’s Batjac Productions. Before join¬ ing Paramount, Newman set up a features division with David Dor tort, for which a deal was made with NBC. ROGER WAGNER SET FOR"WAGON" Roger Wagner has been signed by producer Alan Jay Lerner to arrange and conduct the choral music in “Paint Your Wagon”, the multi-million dollar Para¬ mount roadshow attraction in Panavision and color. The Roger Wagner Chorale will make two appearances at the Hollywood Bowl A Gulf + Western Company DIRK BOGARDE TO DO "LOVELY WAR" Dick Bogarde has been signed for a role in Paramount Pictures’ “Oh, What a Lovely War”. A large scale musical set in World War I, the motion picture currently is before the Panavision and Eastman- color cameras in England. Bogarde joins a cast which includes such celebrated performers as Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir John Gielgud, Sir Ralph and Lady Richardson, John Mills, Juliet Mills, Sir Michael Redgrave, Vanessa Redgrave, Maggie Smith, Jack Hawkins, Kenneth More, Jean-Pierre Cassel and John Clements. Bringing “Oh, What A Lovely War”, an Accord Production, to the screen requires the services of more than 100 technicians. The film includes nearly 50 musical num¬ bers, 120 speaking parts and a supporting cast, literally numbering in the thousands. Deighton’s script is described as “an astringent melange of the picnic atmos¬ phere of August, 1914, and the unholy slaughter of the next four years.” “Oh, What A Lovely War” was First performed at the Theatre Royal, Strat¬ ford East, in 1963. It subsequently play¬ ed a long run in London’s West End and toured Europe before opening in New York. It has been staged in more than ten countries to date. The screen version is the second motion picture project for Len Deighton and Brian Duffy. They recently com¬ pleted Paramount’s forthcoming “Only When I Larf”. * * * Robert DuQui has been signed by pro¬ ducer-director Jules Dassin for a fea¬ tured role in Paramount’s “Up Tight!” GEOFFREY NORMAN IN "PAINT YOUR WAGON" Geoffrey Norman has been signed by producer Alan Jay Lerner for a featured role in “Paint Your Wagon” in Panavision and color for Paramount Pictures. Norman recently completed a featured role in “Rosemary’s Baby” the William Castle production for Paramount and prior to that appeared in “Camelot” also directed by Logan. PROFESSIONAL CHILDREN HONOR "ROMEO AND JULIET" New York-Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey, the stars of the Franco Seffirelli Production of “Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet”, were guests of honor at a party held this week by the trustees of the Professional Children’s School in New York City. The Professional Children’s School is for child stage performers. Whiting, who is 17 years old, and Miss Hussey, age 16, are the youngest performers ever to pro¬ fessionally play Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers. The two British stars are in New York on their first visit to the United States. BETTY RICHMOND DIES Madrid - Mrs. Betty Richmond, wife of pro¬ ducer Ted Richmond, died Friday night in Madrid after a brief illness. She was fifty-one years old and leaves one brother, Kenneth Smitley in Flint, Michigan. She was bom in Ohio and a long time California resident. Funer¬ al arrangements will be made by the Groman Mortuary. CASTING STARTS FOR "TRUE GRIT" Paul Nathan, associate producer for Hall Wallis leaves for New York where Jie will begin interviewing performers for the film version of Charles Portis’ novel, “True Grit” scheduled to go before the cameras in September. John Wayne will star in the Technicolor production for Paramount which will be directed by Henry Hathaway. ROMAN POLANSKI IN NEW YORK New York — Roman Polanski, direc¬ tor-writer of Paramount Pictures’ “Rose¬ mary’s Baby”, arrived in New York City from Cannes for conferences with Para¬ mount home office executives. The motion picture had its World Premiere in New York City. “Rosemary’s Baby”, based on the best-selling novel by Ira Levin, is the chilling story of the practice of medieval witchcraft in modern Manhattan. The motion picture was directed by Roman Polanski in Technicolor from his own screenplay and produced by William Castle. 29