Hollywood Studio Magazine (July 1968)

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distinctive dining INCOMPARABLE U petit (Chateau FRENCH CUISINE DESIGNED for SUPERB DINING Your Chef and Host: Francois Sirgant ? Superior Service in an Authentic French Old World Atmosphere * Noted for Francois' Famous Stuffed Trout ( 4615 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood 1 mile from Universal Studios & Toluca Lake j For Reservations Call 769-1812 !MiVA 0m P RESTAURANT PACO -GUIT A RI ST Thu rs. , Fri. , Sat. evening • Open 11:30 a.m. every day 900 Riverside Dr., Burbank • Late closing for dinner 845-2425 TEL. 877-7820 761-351 I I ronse s CONTINENTAL CUISINE j LUNCHEON — COCKTAILS I _ TOLUCA LAKE 10057 RIVERSIDE DRIVE NOW OPEN FOR LUNCH STEAK AND CHOP HOUSE Banquets a Speciality Choice PRIME RIBS GREAT Cocktails* Entertainment j Daily Special Dinner . . . $2.15 984-1230 877-2054 ! 12749 Ventura Blvd. Studio City 1 Block East of Coldwaterj STUDIO CITY 11915 Ventura Blvd. (1 blk. E of Laurel Canyon) FOR RESERVATIONS 877-4171 Arthur Wong’s New FAR EAST TERRACE Entertainment Nitely in The MARCO POLO ROOM Even The Rich Enjoy Saving Money Especially When It’s the Finest* at any Price Sons & Daughters (Under 25) One Half Price ...When Accompanied by Parents (Monday thru Thursdays) Entertainment Nightly Established over 20 years jJlor ®rulg Elegant lining NOW OPEN FOR 4123 Lankershim Boulevard (Near Universal City) TR. 7-2902 PO. 1-9331 With out doubt the Valley's Finest PRIME RIB DINNER- BUFFET.3.50 j Daily 5 to 7.30 Sundays 3 to 7-30 PM Entertainment Nightly In The All New j Jesters Lounge j 4323 RIVERSIDE DRIVE/TOLUCA LAKE \ 845-2664/649-2042 J OUR SPECIALITY IS j MEXICAN FOODS j also EXTENSIVE MENU Cocktails Open for Lunch j SPECIALTIES OF THE WEEK ! SUNDAY: PRIME RIB j SATURDAY: ROAST TURKEY j DAILY MENU SPECIALS ACROSS FROM N.B.C. • 848-5742 THE VALLEY'S FINEST LUNCH - DINNER COCKTAILS awmelkme onAn v a/ c ACROSS FROM RESTAURANT 3000 WEST OLIVE BURBANK CALIFORNIA Telephone, 843-5333 IBC COLOR TV STUDIOS ■ ■■■■■■■■I YOUR HOST Loren Crother Why not hrag .. it’s THE BEST! ,: ART RYON The CHILI PLACE 783-9610 < 13573 Ventura Blvd. « 783-8873 Sherman Oaks, Calif. 30