Hollywood Studio Magazine (July 1968)

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IMPORTANT - STUDIO EMPLOYEES The following Individuals and Dealerships have been personally contacted and have agreed to give employees of all Valley Studios the best possible deal, consistent with ethical business practices. JOHN LANCE’S Burbank Imports Phone— TH 5-7666 THE FINEST IN SALES, PARTS AND SERVICE FACTORY AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR • • • JAGUAR XKE • 2 + 2 • SEDANG..from $4295 TRIUMPH GT6 • TR-4A • SPITFIRE.from $1699 RENAULT R 10* R 10 AUTOMATIC.from $1695 533 S. San Fernando Bivd. Burbank, (Across from Bob's Big Boy) OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 4-4-2-88-98 TORONADO YOUR VERY SPECIAL FLEET PRICES TO STUDIO EMPLOYEES May Be Obtained Only From 3° e G' reen *> of A KAISER BROS. 1540 Figueroa St, Los Angeles 90015 NEW CAR DEALER FOR OVER 50 YEARS I’m as near as your phone ” R| 9-2331 VALLEY - PO 3-3055 SALE ALFA GIULIA SUPER The Luxury Family Sports Sedan Now is the best time to buy a new Alfa- Romeo. The 1969 models will be high¬ er priced with very little style change. EXECUTIVE DEMONSTRATOR $ 2699 . HOLIDAY MOTORS 5015 Van Nuys Bl. Phone 789-0585 - 872-1520 OGNER VOLKSWAGEN Authorized VOLKSWAGEN and PORSCHE Sales & Service The Complete V.W.-Porsche Center Night and Day Service 883-0200 21555 ROSCOE BOULEVARD, CANOGA PARK THE PLACE TO BUY... NOW! CHEVY'S GREAT IN'68... Dramatic...Distinctive...Darling new with all new looks front and rear... ranging from the rakish Corvete...the luxurious Impala custom coupe...the brilliant Chevelle 396 SPORT COUPE ...the sleek Chevey II thru a club of smart sportsters in the Comoro and Corvette! BE SMART! BE SURE! BUY NOW AT PoUaticb ’RatfesiAcJurfi / CHEVROLET « 6001 Van Nuys Blvd. Van Nuys-Phones 785-211 1 • 873-1070