Hollywood Studio Magazine (August 1969)

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Retiring and Vacationing in BAJA Over 100,000 retired citizens of the United States are now living in Mexico on a permanent basis. They range from the wealthy in such deluxe places as Acapulco, to the rugged adventurous who rough it in the jungles of Yucatan. However, the majority are Americans of modest means, who are not interested in the big cities or the tempo of the plush resorts. They prefer the smaller cities and villages and fishing towns, where living is relaxed and the family food bill is not outrageous. Many folks, with close home ties, want to be close to their people and still enjoy the comforts of Mexico. They want to know that they can dash up home and get a pair of U.S. brand name shoes because the very elegant and inexpensive imports from France and England, offered in border towns, just don’t happen to be the right last. Also, although there are excellent doctors in Mexico, they like to come up and get their regular check-up from Dr. Gene, who has had the record for lo these many years! And that is why the Pacific Coast of Baja California is such a tremendous favorite. Thousands of retirees are choosing from the scores of developments in Baja California, from the border to San Quintin. The number one attraction here is rest and relaxation. The number one activity is fishing, and there is plenty of space, tranquility and facilities for both attractions. Playas Tijuana, immediately on the other side of the international line, is in the process of perfecting their contracts for U.S. citizens. In the meantime, this beautiful location is available only to Mexican nationals. Further down, at Km. 43, is located a new development — Los Cantiles, S.A. Julian Gallardo, manager, says that lot prices will range from $2995 to $ 11,000 and that they will be available to Americans on a 10-year leasing arrangement with options, to renew every 10 years. The property will be divided into three sections: Los Cantiles, Los Misterios and El Barco. Write to them for more details (see advertisement). LOS CANTILES LOS MISTERIOS LAS MAREAS Cantiles, A. INTERNATIONALES Km. 43, Carretera a Ensenada ANNOUNCES NEW BEACH FRONT DEVELOPMENTS IN BAJA CALIFORNIA Choice beach property is now available to U. S. citizens minutes from San Diego and 25 minutes from Tijuana or Ensenada Prices start at $3495 Lots are available on a 10 year lease contract with an indefinite renewable option, every 10 years for 10 year additional leases. For further information write: Mexican citizens , of course, may acquire ownership immediately with full title Cantiles Internationales P.O. Box 2694 San Ysidro, Calif. 92073 Page 9