Hollywood Studio Magazine (November 1970)

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IlCil New Vista® Color TV \ NO DOWN Low monthly payments Another Don Ray TV Super Special $395 The Portland • GM-539 Here'is the value leader of the RCA console line. The smart Contemporary consolette cabinet houses the largest color picture you can buy. Behind it is a powerful 25,000-volt chassis for extra-bright pictures. Front-mounted 5" oval speaker. And A.F.T., Color.TV's most-wanted feature. King's Walnut-grained vinyl-covered hardboard cabinet, non-wood front frame. H—29%'', W—30%", D —22%". Also Available With VHF "Wireless Wizard” remote control —G M-539-R. Special Consideration to Studio Employees 19 YEARS DEPENDABLE SERVICE DON RAY AND APPLIANCES HMBankamerica . Easy Financings Poplar 3-9431 TR 7-4692 4257 LANKERSHIM BLVD. NORTH HOLLYWOOD H Handmade MA & PA Santa's and decorated tree with miniature toys. Holiday Candle with choice of Figurines. A gift to cher¬ ish year round. Draped garland and topiary trees designed with choice of velvet flowers to match any decor. Ribbon arrangement for Hol¬ iday decorating, the unique idea designed with metal like leaves and ornamental centers. Wall or Door creation. Candles and carollers, metal bells, velvet flowers. Will bring years of pleasure. Satin ribbon tree to adorn your holiday door with foil wallpaper backing. Designed for any door. Ensemble with or without lights. INDIVIDUAL HOME DECORATION UPON PRESENTATION OF PHOTO. MADE TO ORDER ORIGINALS SO PLEASE ALLOW SUFFICIENT TIME FOR DELIVERY. D D - M A R ’ STUDIO FLOWERS 1 1636 VENTURA BLVD. STUDIO CITY, 91604 Complete FLORAL needs *year round WE DELIVER CALL Early 985-4990 - 98 5- 4991 NIGHT 764-