Hollywood Studio Magazine (November 1970)

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Where else but in Hollywood Studio Magazine can you get such colorful reporting on the entertainment world the way it was . . . the people in it and where they might possibly be today? Only in Hollywood Studio Magazine. So, SUBSCRIBE TODAY. NOW! Just fill in the handy coupon below, attach your check or money order for $3.50 (1 year's subscription) and mail, to: Hollywood Studio Magazine Drawer M, Sherman Oaks, Calif. 91413 Name ___ Address _ City __ Zip _ Enclosed find my check for $3.50 for 1 year's subscription to Hollywood Studio Magazine Please bill me for $3.50 for 1 year's subscription cTyiagaziqe NOVEMBER 1970 VOLUMES NO 7 ON THE COVER ON THE COVER: Marty Balin as a Jefferson Airplane sings up a storm wherever he goes, despite some stormy personal problems of his own! CONTENTS CAN RONA & TONI BOTH FIND HAPPINESS IN HOLLYWOOD .p. 4 Writer Don E. Scott hopes so. Discourse .p. 7 Donna Stoneman & Mellette team up for a brand new Studio feature on the pop music scene. COLLECTORS' CORNER .p. 10 Fan photos of the superstars of the 20's, a new continuing Studio Magazine feature debuts here. ANDY DEVINE, 65, LOOKS BACK . .p. 23 Bill Newkirk, who knows him well, reports. YANKEE DOODLE DANDY .p. 25 George M. Cohan once made a movie and Teet Carle was there, for the disaster. YOUNG TALENT SHOWCASE.p. 35 Aspiring talent gets a break here. Free. Just send photo — and credits, if any. PLUS — eight pages of the Gourmet Circuit, and lots of other features for your reading pleasure in this month's Studio. DEADLINES: Editorial copy: 5th of each month preceeding cover date Advertising copy & art: 10th of each month preceeding cover date PUBLISHER/MANAGING EDITOR Dorothy H. Denny EDITOR Zelda Cini CONTRIBUTING EDITORS; Frank Taylor, Teet Carle, Ayalita Cross, Bill Erwin ART DIRECTOR Doti Fiorello ADVERTISING MANAGER Frances Kennon HOLLYWOOD STUDIO MAGAZINE is published monthly at 14006 Ventura Blvd., Suite 202, Sherman Oaks, California 91413. Mailing address: P.O. Box M, Sherman Oaks, Calif 91403 SUBSCRIPTION RATES: 1 year $3.50, 2 years $6.00. Since 1966. All rights reserved. STate 9-9858 (exch.),. direct line — 789-6773. CONTROLLED CIRCULATION POSTAGE PAID. Sherman Oaks, CALIF.91403. Page 3