Hollywood Studio Magazine (November 1970)

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Reporting on Hollywood? TONI HOLT - TV COLUMNIST being readied for syndication in 26 major cities across the U.S. (Avco-Embassy, a Joseph E. Levine enterprise is handling Miss Holt's syndication). Rona Barrett's television syndication has been handled for some time by Metromedia in the L.A. market, as well as cities across the U.S., making Barrett and Holt competitors in nearly every large city. Interestingly, both ladies have at one time been associated with newsman Baxter Ward. Rona got her start on television with KABC-TV, where Ward was top newsman. Toni is presently teamed with Baxter on Channel 9, where her reports are telecast twice daily on his newscasts, Monday-Friday. Rona gave up her relationship with both Baxter and KABC-TV when that network outlet failed to come up with