Hollywood Studio Magazine (November 1970)

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Introducing Discourse (Mick Jagger): Stones' Jagger: rolling into Oakland? by Donna Stoneman and Melletfe First columns are always hard. / know you don't know what to expect - well, neither do / — and that places us more or less on an equal plane. So, defenses down, here is what is happening currently in the recording studios of the Western World: — Concerning music and the people who make»it. THE LAST WORD: John and Yoko Lennon have been in town for the last five months, resting in a rented house and under the care of a local psychiatrist. They aren't seeing anyone except him, either. JEFF BECK, blues guitar wizard, has apparently vanished from the local rock scene — he is supposedly in an L.A. hospital, paralyzed due to an auto accident. THE ROLLING STONES may show in Oakland for a December concert (by the way, if you haven't seen Mick Jagger in his movie "Performance,” see it!) DELANEY and BONNIE are man and wife now . . . their last LP is in honor of the marriage and is called "To Bonnie From Delaney". RICK GRETSCH, who did a brief album and tour with Blind Faith (and formerly with England's Family), has joined Traffic . . . GEORGE HARRISON is also rumored to have joined the group, whose other members are Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, and Chris Wood; ex-member Dave Mason is on his own now and doing well, having headlined at the Big Sur folk festival during the first weekend in October. KEEF HARTLEY, formerly into more heavy rock, has adopted a Big Band jazz sound. He played at the Plumpton Festival in England this summer, as well as at London's Lyceum, and also did a live broadcast on BBC. Watch him . . . ROD STEWART spent the summer doing gigs in England with Small Faces, left them, and is now in the U.S.A. He had a concert last month at the Santa Monica Civic here in L.A., and "Gasoline Alley,'' his latest (and some swear greatest) effort, is definitely a gas. JIMI HENDRIX died doing downers, apparently. Controversy still surrounds his death and the possibility of suicide. His funeral was in Seattle, his birthplace, on October third. Before his death he had been working on a script and in a movie in Britain. ALSO DEAD is Al Wilson of the Canned Heat, who died two weeks prior to Hendrix in Bob (the Bear) Hite's back yard in Laurel Canyon. He had pitched a tent there and when the Bear's wife went to awaken him in the morning it was to no avail . . . downers were found in his pocket but no cause has been accorded yet. The big question now concerns the identity of his replacement. IN A HAPPIER VEIN, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, who flashed the Isle of Wight Festival, are England's biggest new "name" group. Emerson is the former organist of the Nice (of "Rondo” and "Rondo '69" fame). Lake was formerly with King Crimson, and Palmer from Arthur Brown's Crazy World.