Hollywood Studio Magazine (November 1970)

Record Details:

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For information on classified ads 789.9358 - 789-9851 FOR ADVERTISING AND PUBLICITY IN STUDIO MAGAZINE CALL ST, 99858- ST. 99851 • WHAT-HAVE-YOU- Scavenger’s Paradise Antiques BUY — RENT — SELL — SWAP USED FURNITURE • MARBLE 3731- 35 CAHUENGA WEST TR. 7-7945 the f astest keys in the west! TYPING TO YOUR TASTE FAST* EFFICIENT* REASONABLE* CALL MARGOT'S BUSINESS SERVICE 981-0221 IF NO ANSWER 769-8313 CENTRALLY LOCATED Planning To Film In HAWAII? Contact GREGG KENDALL & Associates, Inc. Casting Agency Movies, TV Productions, National Commercials Caucasians, Hawaiians, Orientals, Eurasians 923-6422 923-1075 2109 KUHIO AVE. HONOLULU, HAWAII 96815 Minneapolis ... oh well . . . SPEAKING OF KING CRIMSON, the group has three new members and a new album to be released this month sometime. They want to start doing live gigs in the early part of next year. ELTON JOHN and Leon Russel Will Return! They're booked into the Fillmore East and will both do six weeks tours of the U.S. with other name groups. John, an Englishman, made a phenomenal debut at L.A.'s Troubadour, and his back-up group features two former members of the Spencer Davis group, bassist Dee Murray and drummer Nigel Olson. John's latest record (simply entitled “Elton John”) is amazing. CHRiS YOULDEN, charismatic lead singer of Savoy Brown, split before the recording of their latest album, “Looking In,” in which the group takes off in the direction of jazz ... it still maintains much of their “Boogie Blues" sound, for you hardcore people. AND LASTLY (but certainly not leastly), Ian Anderson, flutist and would-be stork from Jethro Tull, married his childhood sweetheart in September. For those of you wondering how the group got its name, Jethro Tull was actually an English agriculturalist in the nineteenth century who devised new methods of harvesting, planting, and seeding grapes and revolutionized the wine industry . . . and the members of twentieth century Jethro Tull are known for their fondness of the grape. PLAYING AROUND: John Stewart ("California Bloodlines") is doing a two week gig here the first part of this month. From the third to the eighth he'll be at the Ice House in Pasadena, then its over to the Troubadour from the tenth to the fifteenth. He got his start here in L.A., back in the days when Ledbetter's was a folk-talent club. At the Ice House as well (from the tenth to the fifteenth, Tim Morgan, folk singer and now comedian, will be appearing. Does anyone remember when he was doing his inimitable rendition of "House of the Rising Sun" at Balboa/Newport's Prison of Socrates? At the Whiskey (if you can take the overpopulation), England's Black Sabbath, whose album is taking off here, will be there from the eleventh to the fifteenth; also, from the twentyfifth to the twenty- ninth Canned Heat will headline. Perhaps the mystery of Al Wilson's successor will be solved. At the Troub again, Sweet Baby James, Taylor (twenty-fourth to the twenty-ninth), and the Craig Hundley Trio, for you jazz people ... for those of you not knowledgeable about Craig and friends, Craig has an I.Q. of 180 and started playing jazz commercially very young. He cut an album at thirteen (the rest of the Trio is likewise young) and Craig is currently a student at U.C.L.A. I was talking to the Climax M's booking agent, Chuck Shapiro, and also to one of the new owners, Sandy Wolfe, who have reassured me that this time, prospective members, there will be no rip-off as previously happened. The former owner, because of legal pressures, ran off to Miami (where, by the way, he has opened a new club called the “State of Climax") with all the money and left alot of memberships hanging. The press party on October seventh was far out, with two comedians and a folksinger providing entertainment. The new layout is fantastic — continuous rock dancing below in the Cave, with a change of pace upstairs providing soft mood dancing, live entertainment, sandwiches, drinks, dinner, and breakfasts prepared by the Climax M's own chef. Open to the public the first two or so weeks, membership is now private ($50 a year for guys, $20 for girls) BUT you get all food and liquids free, free, free . . . it's open from six to two Tuesday and Wednesday nights, from nine to four Thursday through Sunday. Membermen give the man at the door $3.50 (memberwomen $2.50) and show your card, and you can bring a guest, too. Also, continuous films are shown nightly and there is a record shop inside which offers — yessir — albums at a discount for members. Oh, yes . . . the club is still located on La Cienega, right in the middle of Restaurant Row. BETTY DAVIS TO ACCEPT AWARD FOR JOHN WAYNE Bette Davis will accept for John Wayne The Favorite Male Star Awefrd in Photoplay's 49th Annual Gold Medal Awards presentation on NBC's “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson." Program is slated for early November, immediately following Miss Davis' completion of American International's "Bunny O'Hare,” in which she stars with Ernest Borgnine and Jack Cassidy. Miss Davis is a former Photoplay Award winner herself, as The Favorite Female Star, for "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" in 1963. Wayne will be unable to appear personally, as he will be on location in Mexico for "The Million Dollar Kidnapping." Page 8