Hollywood Studio Magazine (November 1970)

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Som e Sparkling Items FROM GOWER GULCH By Bea Colgan "The Feminist and the Fuzz,” a movie-of-the-week for ABC-TV, the first movie to be based on Women's Lib is already in the can, and Dick Jensen, "the Hawaiian Living Volcano," has been signed to an exclusive contract with SG's. They have big plans for this talented boy . . . David Cassidy, co-star of "The Partridge Family" for the same TV outlet, has been selected to head the Teenage Campaign of the L.A. County "March of Dimes." As the Teenage campaign chairman, Cassidy will head 10,000 L.A. youths in the annual campaign beginning Jan. 1, 1971 . . . Norman Horowitz has rejoined SG's International as VP in charge of sales. Horowitz, who had held several executive posts with SGI from 1956 to 1968, has served as director of international sales, CBS Enterprises, Inc., for the past two years. . . Celeste Holm, who stars as Abigail in "Nancy," recently completed a two-week promo junket on behalf of the new series. She visited New York, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Dallas, Ft. Worth and Pittsburgh . . . Broderick Crawford, star of CBS-TV's "The Interns," has recorded a number of public service announcements for Los Angeles County Firemen, in conjunction with fire prevention . . . COLUMBIA GEMS — Wrapping assignments and moving on are Jerry Tokofsky, Anthony Newley, Warren Belanger, Robbie Robertson, Ronny Kahn, Freddie Francis, John Gaudioso, Veronica Sweeney, Elmer Bernstein, Mac St. Johns, Harry Wolfe and Jim Thompson. Recent arrivals are Victor Beaumont and Edward Coe, associated with Sidney Beckerman Productions; Stewart Stern with Rastar Productions; Martin Leeds with his Leeds Productions, Ric Hardman, writer with Harvest Productions; Alex Jacobs; William Castle, Continued on Page 12 JA'BOUR of California COUTURES DRESS SHOP CALL EARLY FOR YOUR HOLIDAY PARTIES COMPLETE E 1 OR ALL OCCASIONS WORLD WIDE • SERVING UNITED STATES & EUROPE WEDDINGS by AL CATERING CO. « 14507 SYLVAN ST. SUITE 2 © VAN NUYS ( Corner Van Nuys Blvd. ) CALIF, ^ Sizes 3 to 20 OPEN 6 DAYS 10AM TO 6PM. FRIDAYS 'TILL 9PM. * ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS 3701 CAHUENGA BLVD WEST * UNIVERSAL CITY,CALIF. Telephone 762-5555 CONSULTANTS FOR ALL YOUR PARTY NEEDS OPEN 24 HOURS F0R information call 780-0666 7 DAYS SHERMAN OAKS GRANADA HILLS TORRANCE JABOURS PRESENTS Weekly FASHION SHOWS AT KINGS ARMS & YANKEE PEDLAR MOVIE LOCATIONS BANQUETS EQUIPMENT RENTAL WEDDINGS & CLUB PARTIES CONVENTIONS BAR MITZVAHS OFFICE PARTIES WAITER SERVICE Page 9