Hollywood Studio Magazine (November 1970)

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FREE PICK-UP & DELIVERY 980-1666 768-0717 Established in the Valley since 1965 Puppies, Kittens & Supplies Boarding Kennel Available THE HERRICK HOUSE of DOGS & GROOMING 5116 LANKERSHIM BLVD. NO. HOLLYWOOD. CALIF. Near cornerof Magnolia Blvd. D O G G R O O M I N G UNIVERSAL CORNER VENTURA BLVD AND LANKERSHIM 4|t PRESCRIPTIONS $ PERFUMES $ FINE COSMETICS $ FREE DELIVERY to the Studio ^799 Cahu«nga Blvd. No. Hollywood, CaMf^ Phones: 877-4841 — 761-3319 UNIVERSAL THE STORE , GOWER GULCH Continued from Page 9 a familiar face at Columbia and his associate, Fred Wiseman; Helen Stein and Barbara Boies, new telephone operators. Welcome aboard. Helen LaVarre of the publicity department is back at her desk but still feels the effects of a freak accident with her new Mustang . . . Men's costume head Tommy Dawson's son, Peter, recovered enough from his auto accident of several months ago to resume bowling for Columbia-SG's league at Kirkwood's . . . This year it's "Five Easy Pieces,” as a "must see." Jack Nicholaon and Karen Black are superb. Helena Kallianiotes has a stand-out bit and Tammy Wynette's songs are tres appropo. Everything about this movie spells Success. It broke all opening day records at Loew's Crest Westwood Village Theatre, says manager Dick Cone . . . Booker McClay, unit publicist on location in West Virginia with "Fools' Parade," reports everything is going along on schedule. That's to be expected when working with veterans like Jimmy Stewart, George Kennedy and Anne Baxter. Also keeping the ball rolling is the second of Columbia's new mobile production units being utilized on the Andrew V. McLaglen-James Lee Barret film . . . Mrs. Consuelo B. Marshall, wife of George Marshall, assistant secretary and director of business administration for Columbia, has been named a commissioner in Juvenile Court for L.A. County. A former City of L.A. deputy city attorney, Mrs. Marshall takes over her new duties in Superior Court in Pomona . . . New apprentice electrician is Frank Klemic. Recently returned from Vietnam, Frank is the proud possessor of the Navy Achievement Medal with Combat Distinguishing Device and Award Citation presented "in recognition of meritorious achievement in support of combat operations in Southeast Asia." This info comes from Frank's proud boss, Alex Bryce, head of electrical maintenance, who obviously believes good workers deserve an occasional pat on the back . . . AROUND AND ABOUT - Girls Friday of Show Business, a charity group close to our heart, payed homage to their celebrity honorary members last month with a dinner party at The Viking Horn restaurant on Fairfax Avenue. Attending were Ann B. Davis, Lee Meriwether, Rosemarie, Keely Smith, Joy Wilkerson and associate member Bertha Dupuy. Gals were honored for contributing so much of their time to the organization If it won’t fit... You won’t be a hit For the natural look see us. CUSTOMIZE YOUR WIG ! 985-6353 ^ouse af NOW AT OUR NEW LOCATION 5243 LANKERSHIM BLVD. (Across from Woolworth’s) OPEN 6 DAYS * EVENINGS TILL 7 PM MASTER CHARGE * B AN K AME R1C A RD 24 HOUR or DAY TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE • Professional • Commercial o • Residential Serving STATE • DICKENS DIAMOND • TRIANGLE WEST VALLEY TELEPHONE EXCHANGE 7018 Reseda Blvd. Dl 3 190 o l VAN NUYS TELEPHONE EXCHANGE 14532 Vanowen ST 5 5406 • TR 3 1550 Page 12