Hollywood Studio Magazine (November 1970)

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BRITT WOOD JODY AVERY WE HAVE IT-the casual,elegant look. LOOKING FOR SOMTHING DIFFERENT P VISIT OUR CUSTOM DEPARTMENT Our Boutique selection offers the finest of the OFF-THE-RACK collections. PLANNING A TRIP? Our Travel clothes are out of this world. USE OUR LAY-A-WAY PLAN or Master Charge...Bank of America > J > O/ZC0 A/ZC?/ZOB£ 881-5806 IMPORTS & TRAVEL CLOTHES 881-5806 CAPRI PLAZA 19574 VENTURA BLVD. TARZANA, CALIF. 91356 THIS YEARS MOST COMPLETE SELECTION OF CUSTOM DESIGNS Specially priced for our 37TH ANNIVERSARY SALE 761-1822 763-5721 5112 LANKERSHIM BLVD. A J bas-relief of some of his finest roles — British King or Roman charioteer! Behind the scenes, co-chairman Gertrude Gass (DePatie-Freleng) and Vini White (Sign Products), with very strong assist indeed from Ellie Vassar (20th-Century Fox) brought all the “red roses” together, with a lot of help from Tommi Markota, publicity director, and Shirley Hollingsworth, director of publicity pro-tem. From Universal Pictures LUCILLE AKANA (c), personnel department exec, just one more time took on the chore of enrolling donors for the studio blood bank, well in advance of the imminent arrival of the Red Cross Blood mobile, Nov. 9. The Universal blood program is set up to operate like a bank - make a deposit and withdraw against it — with such exceptions as "willingness” to give, but inability for one reason or another, or a contribution from a family member, deposited to the "account” of an individual. At Universal, it's November 9. From The Academy of MP Arts & Sciences D aniel Taradash, member of the Writers Branch, has succeeded Gregory Peck as president of, the Academy for 1970-71. Peck, a member of the Actors Branch, declined the nomination for re-election to fourth term, and was elected first vice-president. Other officers include Elmer Bernestein, Music Branch member, and Robert M. Weitman, Executives Branch member, as vice-presidents, with Hal Elias, Short Subjects, as secretary, and Howard W. Koch, Producers, as treasurer. Margaret Herrick and Sam Brown were re-elected as executive director and assistant executive director, respectively. Taradash, the new president, won the Academy Award in 1953 for his Continued on Page 29 Page 14