Hollywood Studio Magazine (November 1970)

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U- 1U^=-C VrolbYs *} CANTONESE RESTAURANT j* 4630 Van Nuys Bivd. Sherman Oaks J Reservations 783-0460 3Cr COCKTAILS & EXOTIC POLYNESIAN DRINKS COCKTAILS 730 NO. VICTORY BLVD. BURBANK 845-1516 in Gloria Greer, up from the desert for dinner and they spotted Mrs. Robert Kenaston (the famous silent star), Billie Dove dining with friend Walter Pidgeon has discovered Le Cellier, as have Shirley O’Hara Krims and famed writer, Milton, also a gourmet and great cook, too. Lovely Anne Baxter and writer, George Christy were another recent twosome in the intimate restaurant. Phil Tanzini has joined Billy Goode in operation of the long-established Laurel Inn, just at the crossroads of Sunset Blvd. and Laurel Canyon Blvd. Phil operated the now-famous Whisky a Go Go so should bring some new innovations into LI. I enjoyed a wedding toast or two there recently with millionaire industrialists, Tom Long, and his lovely new brunette bride, Olga Velez, Latin American-European film star. Vic Bernardo, personable owner-host of China Trader, plush supper club, 4200 Riverside Dr., Toluca Lake, chats with famous graphologist, Paul Dixon (1) recent patron. Dixon will soon debut his book, “The Dating Game Over Thirty.” Polish Count Michael Gaszynski, owner-host of Michael’s Canoga Inn, 21129 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, reports recent visit of charming couple, Jeanne and Luther Voltz. Luther is a long-time newspaper writer and Jeanne, one of the most-honored food editors in the U.S. She recently came out with a fabulous cookbook about California cookery in particular and if you follow her interesting weekly food pages in the Los Angeles Times you’ll know the lady knows whereof she speaks - and cooks! Barone’s, which recently opened a lovely dinner house in Toluca Lake on Riverside Dr., is well worth a visit, according to my pal, Larry Lipson, entertainment-restaurant ed of Valley News & Green Sheet. I’ll have to place that on my list to sample in the near future. We now literally have a “Restaurant Row” right out here in Toluca Lake — Burbank! Entertainment Nightly Yankee Pedlar Inn AWARD WINNING MENU Continental Cuisine Sea Food Cocktails Open for Lunch 1 1:30 a.m. Fashion Shows Tues. & Thurs. noon... Tuesday Nights Party and Banquet Facilities VI 9-1711 TH 2-4881 3820 Riverside Drive FREE WHOLESALE W. JEWELRY CATALOG 'TtCanv&ui Exciting concepts in jewelry, ready-made or to-make in kits. Some traditional, as Antique 'Silver or Nateive Gems, others new ds bamboo and jade, fashioned in Alaska or Taiwan. Send for free full- color catalog illustrating low-priced gifts or jewelry for you, or complete kits* to assemble and resell at much higher prices. Anyone can easily cement or fit our items together. Write to Marvern, Box 826, Laguna Beach, Calif. Now. Zip 92652. Gourmet Circuit-2