Hollywood Studio Magazine (November 1970)

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EL CHIQUITO INN FAMOUS FOR MEXICAN FOOD Since 1956 COCKTAILS * LUNCHEON * DINNERS 845 - 3336 4211 W. OLIVE AVE. BURBANK Across from Warner Studios Arthur Wong’s Hew FAR EAST TERRACE Entertaihmsnt Nitely in The MARCO POLO ROOM HOW OPEN FOR 4123 Lankershim Boulevard (Near Universal City) T». 7-2902 PO. 1-9331 Dining & Doings (Continued from Page 2) Best wishes to my musical pal, Morty Jacobs, who recently returned to the Portuguese Lounge, Sheraton-Universal Hotel. Morty is one of the best entertainers on the ivory around, and a nicer guy you’d never find. He’s cut a couple discs which were great and was the accompanist for Ethel Merman when she made her night club debut. Jack Walters, and Archie also old buddies, formerly with Beverly Rodeo hotel and the Chez Voltaire, are now at the beautiful Holiday Wilshire House, Beverly Hills, and it’s plush Gaucho Room - Jack as mgr. and “Arch” assisting in many directions. The hotel was originally owned by Yale Wexler and his then bride, beautiful Linda Crystal. FOR TRULY ELEGANT DINING Charcoal Broiled STEAK LOBSTER PRIME RIB OF BEEF Fabulous BUFFET Served LUNCHEON SERVICE starts at noon. DINNER BUFFET 5 till 7 weekdays Sunday 4 til 7.30 pm. FASHIONS BY JABOURS EVERY THURSDAY LUNCHEON JESTERS LOUNGE PRESENTS MILTON CHARLES at the organ nightly. 4323 RIVERSIDE DRIVE TOLUCA LAKE 845-2664 848-2042 Sorrentino’s SEAFOOD HOUSE 4100 Riverside Drive TH 5-3743 Toluca Lake — Burbank VI-9-5402 Featuring * Sorrentino’s REGENCY ROOM FOR BANQUETS OR THAT SPECIAL WEDDING RECEPTIONS DINNER DANCE TELEPHONE 845-3743 - 849-5402 - 769-2422 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING SALES Telephone & outside work. Part time OK. Opportunity with fast growing magazines in a specialized field. Good earnings for experienced woman or man. Telephone ST. 99858 for appointment. Reservations still availabfe for the 7-day gourmet cruise on Princess Italia leaving Nov. 13th hosted by Carmele Manto, entrepreneur of the La Strada opera caberat on Los Feliz in Glendale. Reservations: 627-8545. Enjoyed dinner one evening recently at one of the finest French restaurants in and about Toluca Lake-Burbank-Glendale area. Paul Monad’s Le Petit Montmartre, 3801 Riverside Dr., beguiles the eye with colorful French decor and napery and the cuisine is superb. My favorite, chef Pierre’s pepper steak — with lots of spicy cracked pepper corns and a delicious lacing of cream and cognac sauce. Popped by for luncheon to see if its as good and imaginative at noontimes. I’m delighted to report I found Salad Nicoise served beautifully chilled, loaded with succulent artichoke hearts, a tantalizing house dressing served separately at a mere Gourmet Circuit-5