Hollywood Studio Magazine (November 1972)

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Classfied and Display also Subscription Sales People a fast growing publication lf you are interested in a lucrative arrangement with a magazine that has a wide readership, not only on the West Coast but throughout the U.S., apply by letter only, include your telephone number and area code, state experience, etc., and you will hear from us. Substantial Commission Arrangement Hollywood Studio Magazine is a "one of a kind” publication with a reading audience of paid subscribers throughout the U.S. and some foreign countries. Published on the West Coast, Studio magazine has circulation direct into all major Studios; reaches independent Movie and TV producers and people in the allied arts. Ask about our discount prices on bulk magazine sales. cJTWagaziqe NOVEMBER 1972 VOLUME 7 NO. 7 ON THE COVER This scene for “Pride and Prejudice” was made on the famous “David Copperfield Street” on Lot 2. Among those beauties (back, extreme left) is Ann Rutherford, who was in the cast of the last movie made on Lot 2 just a short while ago. In the photo, the woman gesturing is Mary Boland and the others are her five daughters in the film - Greer Garson, Maureen O’Sullivan, Marsha Hunt and Heather Angel, besides Ann. See Teet Carle’s story on page 6. CONTENTS TAKE IT FROM THE TOP.4 Zelda Cini on TV & the Industry today MGM’S FABULOUS LOT 2.6 Teet Carle’s nostalgic story of the days that were THE FIRST COLOR MOVIE.8 Zane Grey’s “Wanderer of the Wasteland” Robert S. Birchard LEE GRAHAM’S “MAN ABOUT TOWN”.13 What’s happening in Hollywood DOWN MEMORY LANE .19 With Heather Angel and Walter Abel Jess L. Hoaglin BETTY GRABLE AND HER GORGEOUS GAMS.20 An all-time star . . . yesterday and today Robert Kendall ROBERT KURSTON . . . HEADED FOR STARDOM.22 CAPITAL PRODUCTIONS - SUCCESS IN ONE YEAR.23 Kevin Elimo A SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO ETHEL WATERS.39 Fran Erwin PUBLISHER/MANAGING EDITOR EDITOR Dorothy H. Denny Zelda Cini CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Frank Taylor, Teet Carle, Bill Erwin, Robert Kendall, Jess L. Hoagland, Bea Colgan, Lee Graham. ART DIRECTOR ADVERTISING MANAGER Doti Fiorello Frances Kennon LITHO BY HANOVER ENT., INC., NORTHRIDGE, CALIF. DEADLINE: Editorial copy: 5th of each month preceding cover date. Advertising copy & art: 8th of each month preceding cover date. HOLLYWOOD STUDIO MAGAZINE is published monthly by San Fernando Valley Pub. Co. at 14006 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, California 91413. Mailing address: P.O. Box M, Sherman Oaks, Calif. 91413. Since 1953. All rights reserved. News photographs not returnable. Telephone (213) 789-9858 or 789-9851. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: 1 year $4.50, 2 years $8.00. Foreign, add $2.00. Single copy price: 60 cents. Second class postage paid at Sherman Oaks, Calif. 91413.