Hollywood Studio Magazine (November 1972)

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A Director remembers Making the first Color feature By Robert S. Birchard Author of numerous magazine articles on film history, Birchard has recently completed an oral history project for the American Film Institute on "Westerns in the 1920's." He is currently co-producing and directing a documentary film, WHEN SANTA BARBARA WAS AMERICAN'S FILM CAPITAL, the story of the American Film Company Flying "A" Studios (1910-1921). An ad for the initial Los Angeles engagement. In one week WANDERER OF THE WASTELAND grossed $26,000. Birchard: A Director Remembers Credits. Adolph Zukor and Jesse L. Lasky present "WANDERER OF THE WASTELAND" An Irvin Willat Production Irvin Willat wielding the sceptre of the director - the megaphone. Scenario.George C. Hüll and Victor Irvin (Irvin Willat) Photography—in Technicolor (Cemented bi-pack process) . .Arthur Ball Art Titles.Oscar C. Buchheister Supervised by Lucien Hubbard Directed by Irvin Willat Length: 6 reels (5,775 feet); Released: August 10, 1924 by Paramount Pictures. CAST: Jack Holt (Adam Larey), Noah Beery, Sr. (Dismukes), George Irving (Mr. Virey), Kathlyn Williams (Magdalene Virey), Billie Dove (Ruth Virey), James Mason (Guerd Larey), Richard R. Neill (Collishaw), James Gordon (Alex MacKay), William Carroll (Merryvale), Willard Cooley (camp doctor). Based on the novel by Zane Grey. f When the Peter Bogdanovich film, “The Last Picture Show,” was released in Black and White, it was greeted with a wide ränge of response; some saw a return to the true art of cinematography, while others called the return to monochrome a crass attempt at commercialism (a curious response, since Black and White had been replaced almost exclusively by color in response to the commercial demands of color television). Oddly enough, there was much the same reaction to color when it made its first important appearance in a 1924 Paramount picture directed by Irvin Willat, “Wanderer of the Wasteland.” “The book was by Zane Grey,” Willat recalls, “and it was lousy. I told Jesse Lasky - the production head: 8