Hollywood Motion Picture Review (1937-1940)

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Page 4 HOLLYWOOD MOTION PICTURE REVIEW May 29, 1937 B€ST PICTUR€S OF TH€ W€€K (Center Photo) MONOGRAM'S NEW WESTERN STAR Jack Randall, Monogram’s new west- ern star, starts work this week on "Riders Of The Dawn", first picture of his new series of 8 musical west- erns for Monogram release. The story is an original by Robert Em- mett and is being directed by Robert N. Bradbury, who is also Associate Produoer. Randall is said to be a clever rider and an excellent singer of cowboy songs. TAKEN FOR A RIDE Rosemary Lane, who plays opposite Dick Powell in "Varsity Show," current Warner Brothers musical, receives a free ride on camera "dolly" following a scene in which Director William Keighley guided the players through their parts. In addition to Pow- ell, other cast players in- clude Lee Dixon, Fred War- ing, and Scotty Bates. LOVE'S OLD STORY Richard Dix accepts Fay Wray following differences in Columbia's new picture, "Once A Hero," which Harry Lachman directed. The story, an original by Miles Connolly, is guite ro- mantic and has plenty of excitement. The strong cast of players in support, includes Franklin Pangborn, Victor Kilian, Granville Bates, Ward Bond and oth- ers. TOPPER! WAKE UP! Cary Grant endeavors to arouse Roland Young so that his dream girl, Constance Bennett, can be visioned. The trio romp through Hal Roach's biggest M.G.M. comedy picture which is set for July 9th release. Supporting players include Billie Burke, Alan Mowbray, Eugene Pallette and others. Norman McLeod directed the picture. TITLE! "SHE'S NO LADY" B. P. Schulberg has chosen this title for his current Paramount produc- tion, in which John Trent and Ann Dvorak co-star. The story is an original by James Edward Grant, with screen play by George Bruce and Frank Partos. Charles Vidor who has directed Trent in three pre- vious films is seen next to the camera set-up.