Hollywood Motion Picture Review (1937-1940)

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MDTIDN PICTURE Edited and Published by Joe Blair—Hollywood, Calif. (Copyright 1936) PURPOSE To serve both the Producer and the Exhibitor. A reliable, authentic reviewing service un- excelled in box-office accuracy, dependability and constructive suggestions together with creative exploitation ideas, selling tips and booking guid- ance. EXPLANATION! File this copy or clip the re- views to use as a handy refer- ence guide when you buy, book, date-in or plan campaigns on all important feature pictures. DON'T FORM YOUR OPINION ON ANY PICTURE UNTIL YOU'VE READ OUR REVIEW. Vol. Ill, No. I June 5, 1937. Price 25c per Copy CONTENTS GOUGING EXHIBITORS CONTINUES THIS WEEK IN NEWS ANALYZING IMMEDIATE PRODUCT ON 9 FEATURES BEST PICTURES OF THIS WEEK * BIOGRAPHY OF ♦ STUART ERWIN MICHAEL CURTIZ DIRECTED “KID GALAHAD" CURRENT WARNER BROS. RELEASE NOW DIRECTING ""PERFECT SPECIMEN"" FOR WARNER BROS. REVIEWS PARNELL • MIDNIGHT MADONNA • TALENT SCOUT • THE GREAT GAMBINI FLY-AWAY BABY • LAST TRAIN FROM MADRID • RIDING ON AIR