"How I did it," ([c1922])

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screen writing who saw these pictures undoubtedly found much food for thought in every one of them. They repre- sented radical departures in theme, unusual situations and startling climaxes. These were all typical screen stories and had all the elements necessary to make of them defi- nite successes. When you saw these great masterpieces, you would have profited much more from their unique construction had an authority of Mr. Van Loan's attainments pro- vided you with a critical and constructive analysis of them. The "Van Loan Letter" will soon be a reality. It will not only furnish you with an unprecedented means of study of the photoplay, but will also serve as a guide for the members of your family who are interested in the motion picture solely as a source of entertainment. It will advise them what pictures to see, and what pictures not to see. It will be issued monthly and will contain no motion picture advertising. Mr. Van Loan's reviews of the current photoplays will be honest and unbiased. They will be compiled by a recognized authority whose long experience as a success- ful photodramatist and critic equips him to command the confidence of the aspiring screen writer and the theatre- going public alike. The "Van Loan Letter" will be available through direct subscription only, and will not be sold on news- stands. We will be glad to inform you of the date of the first issue and the subscription rate, if you will send your name and address to "H. H. Van Loan, Incorpor- ated, Security Building, Hollywood."