Inside facts of stage and screen (June 7, 1930)

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PRICE 10 CENTS Only Theatrical Newspaper on the Pacific Coast RADIO MUSIC ESTABLISHED 1S24 EDITED BY JACK JOSEPHS VoL XI Entered fts Second Clasi Matter, April 29. 1827. at PoBt- office, l^s Anjelei, Calif., under Act of March 8, 1879. Saturday, June 7, 1930 Published Every Saturday at 800-801 Warner Bros. Down town Building, 401 West Seventh St., Loi Angeles, Calif. No. 23 WB STAGE POLICY TO RETURN IS REPORTED Following announce- ments of the return to stage shows in the picture houses on the coast by Publix, it was reported this week that Warner Brothers^ hitherto deter- mined to maintain the all- talkie policy, were defi- nitely working on plans to return to supporting stage programs in a number of their rapidly expanding group of coast houses. The move is contem- plated, it is said, because of the terrific competition the Warners^ Hollywood theatre is facing" from Grauman's Chinese on one side with an elaborate prologue sup- portmpr "Hell's Angels" and the new Pantages Hollywood, which opened Wednesday night with Fanchon and Marco "Ideas" sup- porting the feature pictures on a regular policy. The field is now being looked over with a definite announce- ment expected shortly on the de- tails of the Warner plans. Publix coast officials, it is under- stood, plan to maintain the Para- mount here on a strictly all-talkie basis until fall, but the other coast Pubhx houses are now swinging along with stage bills. Meanwhile, KKO execs, with competition stiff and everyone fighting to get pa- trons to the box-office, are quietly admitting that vaude will probably DC back in full swing on the coast by fall. The new Pantages Theatre, which opened Wednesday, and i« to be the Hollywood home of F and M. "Ideas," was revealed as one of the most beautiful and elaborate theatres in the country RON and DON And Their Famous BABY CONSOLE (Patents Pending) PARAMOUNT THEATRE, SAN FRANCISCO House features "Slim" Martin and his band. The opening program was mas- ter-of-ceremonied by Eddie Cantor and featured Marion Davies in the Cosmopolitan production, "The Floradora GirV with the F. and M. "Rose Garden" Idea. LYONS AT BROOKLYN Al Lyons has been installed as master of ceremonies in the Fox Brooklyn. This popular coast mu- sician succeeded Rube Wolf and will have everything at his dis- posal to meet the terrific Brooklyn competition. KGER, Long Beach, has ar- ranged to broadcast the fights from the new Wilmington Bowl every Wednesday, 9:30 to 10:30 p. m. Announcing will be done by Zeph Fitzgerald, who handles the mike Tuesday nights from the L. A. Olympic. BIGflPLAN WITH 150 STATIONS IN TIEUP Following on the heels of exclusive predictions by Inside Facts, it was learned definitely this week that Warner Broth- ers are entering the radio field as the big competitor to the Columbia and NBC chains. Warners have tied up with 150 radio stations, but instead of broadcast- ing by hookups, will con- duct their entire radio pro- gram by electrical tran- scription, except for spot news. Both Columbia and NBC have hookups and tieups with approximately 50 stations each. The Warner plan will be ac- complished through the medium of the Brunswick recordinj^ organi- zation, recently purchased, and the National Radio Advertising con- cern, another recent purchase, which produced the "So-A-Tone" electrical transcription programs and did an estimated business of $2,000,000 last year. Some of these were heard locally over KNX. Raymond Soat, who organized that outfit, will be in charge of the activities, under the direction of Herman Starr, Warners' vice- president, with offices in New York. National Radio Advertising has its main offices in New York, a sales headquarters in Detroit, and a Chicago branch. A Los An- geles office is to be opened here by August, under the management of Jerry King, present KFWB station manager, and will be lo- cated in the Warner Brothers' Hollywood Theatre building. (Continued on Page 9) YOU'LL SEE IN FACTS