Inside facts of stage and screen (June 7, 1930)

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FAGE SIXTEEN INSIDE FACTS OF STAGE AND SCREEN SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 1930 FRANK LANTERMAN Solo Organist State Theatre Melbourne, Australia Melbourne is a beautiful city of over a million popula- tion. The State is an atmospheric de luxe house seat- ing 4000. The Wurlitzer is the largest in the southern hemisphere and has twin-four manual consoles. I do featured solos and support a symphony orchestra of 40 men. I broadcast weekly over station 3LO and 3AR. I expect to be here until September, concluding my contract of a year and a half at that time. I send my sincerest regards to Harry Arthur, Jr., Lester Foun- tain, Cliff Chellew and good friends of the L. A. T. O. C.