Inside facts of stage and screen (January 3, 1931)

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Page Eight Saturday, Janury 3,19311 INSIDE FACTS OF STAGE AND SCREEN On this ... the start of a new year... and we trust... a happy and prosperous one for all... I am prompted to express to MARCO ... my friend and patron of many years ... grateful thanks ... for his untiring efforts upon my behalf. . .. To my dear friend . . , RUDY VALLEE ... the same ... for the pleasurable engage- ment spent with him at VILLA VALLEE . . . and the offers to play a return engage- ment. . . . To EDWIN SCHEUING of N.B. C., N. Y., for his sincere efforts and interest during my recent New York engagement.... AND ... to that gentleman showman .. . WALTER KOFELDT of the Fox Riverside Theatre... and his entire staff... that made possible ... a happy, successful . . . and memorable ‘‘homecoming’’ Sincerely, EDDIE PEABODY “The Banjo Boy of Joyland” 35 A Happy and Prosperous 1 NEW YEAR 1 1 To All | UNDER THE MANAGEMENT AND DIRECTION OF Mrs. Eddie Peabody PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE . . . JEAN ARMAND