Inside facts of stage and screen (January 3, 1931)

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Saturday, January oy 1931 INSIDE FACTS OF STAGE AND SCREEN •; '■ f' ; • : / Page Nine :a ‘ ' '■ ? GREETINGS FROM THE Fox. El Capftan 9 Merry Makers Presented by PEGGY JAY O'NEILL PRODUCER I BROWER MASTER OF CEREMONIES 1 i S | i MEL HERTZ '‘The Community Sing King” “He’ll Pay and Pay” PIC SMITH Reeds WARREN LEWIS “WE PAID THE MOST” and »Jis SWEET SIXTEEN SWEETHEARTS “Don’t Use Their Names Because We Can’t Collect” and iit« Fox El Capitan Stage Band “At $1 Apiece” CAN Me LEAN MANAGER "Hope is a beautiful thought,” GEO. MUNSON Reeds LOU SHAFF 1 5 HARRY COHEN Basses EDGAR ROBERT CATLEY “Some dog act will pay his share,” DICK NELSON Reeds LOWELL HAWK Piano HENRY BUETTNER Strings GEN WELCH “Goldstein’s will pay for this.” BOB KIMIC Trumpet GEO. WILLIAMSON Drums ! San Frandsci DIVISION OF FOX WEST COAST THEATRES Directum: A. M. BOWLES ‘We didn’t charge him; we’re not chumps’ I I .V.\WV.V.V.VAVVV.V,V.V,V,VAVVW/.W.V.VW.W.W»VAWAVWAV/A\W.V.VAVV\W.V%WAUW.V.VAV/,VAV.\V.W,W.*.VV.VA" SEASON'S AL CICERONE ROLAND FURNAS GEO WHITNEY Eddie Nle Lane Bunny Bursons L, Girigalra BAND BOB LOGAN BUNNY HAUU TEX LANGSTON Greetings s A N F R A N G I S c o i