Inside facts of stage and screen (January 3, 1931)

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Saturday, January 3, 1931 INSIDE FACTS OF STAGE AND SCREEN Page Thirteen mms NOVELLE Fanchon and Marco'* "Seasons” Idea—en tour Season's Greetings to the Gang Shooting Straight for R.K.O. VIC DUNNE Phone FRanklin 1920 Ellis W. Levy, Mgr. Radio-Keith-Orpheum Corp. Booking Dept. San Francisco Branch 602-S04 Golden Gate Bldg. GREETINGS FROM: DON SMITH 4< Joy Boy of Songland” Back with Will King, Seattle Greetings A1 Erickson and Gang Clint Williams Duke Hodgkins Hy Lammers Barney Mendeloff Jimmie Rackin Lee Randall MILLION DOLLAR Season’s Greetings Jim Riley San Francisco Manager National Theatre Supply Co. Season’s Greetings From John Hill PREMIERE ORGANIST CHINESE THEATRE HOLLYWOOD Holiday Greetings Dorothy Dooley Sixth Consecutive Year As Organist St. Francis Theatre San Francisco Best of Luck to All 1931 buss McClelland RKO ORPHEUM SAN FRANCISCO Art Rogers Port Landing PORTLAND William B. McCurdy, president and general manager of the Duf- win Theatre Company of Oregon, Inc., backed by local business men is giving Portland a stock eompany of real merit and is playing the latest and best Broad- way hits. “Bill” McCurdy and bis stage director, Eddy Waller have also lined up a great list of guest stars. Beside giving Portlanders the shews they want, McCurdy has made arrangements to play all roadshows coming this way. PORTLAND “She Walked in Her Sleep” DUFW1N THEATRE December 20, 1930 Laughs—laughs — .comedy — com- edy—entire cast at their best— deal these kind of hills to the Pcrt-Land-Ers and Mr. Bill Mc- Curdy will have to put in more seats. Lady behind me was laughing for five blocks after leaving Dufwin temple of mirth — Miss Wallace at her best — she is a natural — stole the spot light this week—good comedienne for talk- ies — Jacobson got his share of laughs — Cornet solo, by one of the girls in the orchestra—liked much -—all in all a Dufwiner this week —some .credit must go to Eddy Waller and teacher. ART ROGERS. ART ROGERS PORT-LAND-1NG Mr. Levy, northwest manager Publix-Calif. —- here he comes — parking at United Artists theatre, L A. At "Coffee Cupboard” — you will find “Ollie Wallace”—-“Slim Taft”—sip-ing — bit-ing ■— argu- ing—just two musicians— -the end it’s a DUTCH TREAT. (Slim Taft’s Mrs.)—Slim, there’s an old clothes man at the door! Slim— Tell him I’ve got all I need. Slim go’ing—Miami—good luck BOY. Who remembers when? — Cleo- patra wore long skirts. Who remembers when? — Phil Lampkin was selling candy—“Col- umbia Theatre”—Oakland, Calif. Who remembers when? — Britt Wood—work’ed — “Airdome” -— Nashville, Term.—Mgr. F. P. Fur- long—guess the year—win a door knob—any door knob. “Ollie Wallace”—received pneu- monia—try’ing to get “Amos n Andy”—with all windows open. Cuba Wheatley — Port-land-ing — customers — has dance empor- ium. Jack Piller — Asst. Mgr. — Fox Rialto—hit by auto — between -— 14th and Salmon—not a fish story —Jack try’ing to collect—hope so Jack. Had visit with Mr. J. J. Parker —Fox City Mgr.—man behind the Fox cannon'—shoots straight — fast — don’t miss a thing here — anywhere. In “The Secret Six,” Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer’s new drama of political life, a cook industriously broils beefsteaks in the opening lunch counter scene. But believe it or not—the steaks are pieces of pork, cut to resem- ble cut steaks. Real steak is too red—it pho- tographs as black. Hence the light J colored pork. GLAD TIDINGS TO ALL Rudy Seiger CONCERT DIRECTOR SINCE 1907 FAIRMONT HOTEL SAN FRANCISCO Heartiest Season’s Greetings from BERT HOLLOWELL MASTER OF CEREMONIES c^p LOEW’S STATE, LOS ANGELES Indefinite Seasons Greetings SLIM TAFT jmmm Greetings to All Broadcasters WALTER RUDOLPH And His MELODY MASTERS KTAB San Francisco COMPLIMENTS OF THE SEASON From the Francis-Valentine Co. Poster Printers Harold and Gene Hoeber SAN FRANCISCO Sincere Holiday Greetings to Everyone THE HARRIS TWINS Featured ia FANCHON and MARCO’S SOCIETY CIRCUS IDEA