Inside facts of stage and screen (January 3, 1931)

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I ■ Saturday, 'January 3, 1931 INSIDE FACTS OF STAGE AND SCREEN Page Twenty-one : ’ - i GREETINGS From the Leading East Bay Theatre the FOX OAKLAND Managed by FRANK R. NEWMAN Dominic Isabella, Asst. Manager HERMIE ENTERING HIS THIRD SOLID YEAR Conducting the Fox Oakland Concert Orchestra Paul Morgan Trumpet John Klock Trombone Phil Sail Violin Pat Genovese Bass Ed O’Malley Drums BILLY I4NOX Solo Organist A. G. FALK Relief Organist C1ARENCE KAREL Arranger of Symphonic Overtures THE BOYS BEHIND THE SCENES EDDIE SELLEN Relief Pianist L. R. HALLAHAN Flyman BEN JACOBSON Asst. Electrician ROD SINCLAIR Stage Manager J. C. WILSON Swing Man L. R. SOLLARS Chief Electrician WM. CHRISTENSEN Property Man PROJECTIONISTS A. V. NAGLE L. C. LITTON ROY O’BRIEN B UD HAMILTON C. A. BOR FIN BILL FISHER—Stage Doorman Foal OAKLAND NORTHERN CALIFORNIA DIVISION FOX WEST COAST THEATRES Direction: A. M. Bowles Fox